Winter/Spring Camps 2017 - 2018

*Before care and After care is available 8am-5pm $8 per day for one $12 for both
**To participate in Counselor in Training program for a day- Please call us. For ages 11+
*** If we do not have enough participants in the mini camper group to have a group of their own, they will join the 5-6 all day group until 1pm.

Winter Camps


Super Hero Training Academy

January 15th 9am-4pm $80 Ages 5-11

Mini Camp 9am-1pm $45 Ages 3-6

Calling all Superheros! Requirements: must be willing to create a secret identity, encounter radioactive spiders, work as a team, and communicate with reporters from the Daily Planet! We will be putting all junior superheroes to the test by training them on obstacle courses, rescue missions, and creating their own top notch superhero identities. Will you have the willpower and strength of Wonder Woman, communicate with marine animals like Aqua Man, be a good climber like Spiderman, or have the intelligent mastermind of Iron Man? Get up close and personal with some unique animals that have powers of their own, like crawling up walls, using heat vision, and having super strength! Are you ready to commit to save the Planet and it’s ecosystems?! Note: super villains are unwelcome at this camp.
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Iron Chef

January 31st 9am-4pm $80 Ages 5-11

Mini Camp 9am-1pm $45 Ages 3-6

Ready...Set...Cook! Eco Adventures invites you to the ultimate food challenge! Explore the yummy world of desserts and snacks with hands on kid-friendly recipes. Chefs will learn how to create their own delicious snacks from real ingredients and will be working in teams to complete different challenges. Not only will we be learning how to prepare food for ourselves (and eat them), decorate your own aprons, but in the afternoon we will learn what it takes to become a chef for the animals, and help to prepare delicious meals for our resident critters! So put on your decorated apron, take a bite out of that red pepper, and step up to the table!

Spy Camp

February 19th 9am-4pm $80 Ages 5-11

Mini Camp 9am-1pm $45 Ages 3-6

Hidden away at Eco Adventures is an elite group of secret spies, looking for new recruits to join their ranks. You must be prepared to take on top secret missions to put your skills to the test. Spy Camp begins with a secret briefing and then we will help prepare you for your final mission. Here at the Eco Adventures headquarters we even have special bio-mimicry training techniques where we will observe and learn from the sneakiest critters in the animal kingdom. New recruits will learn how to make and break secret codes, use forensics to uncover hidden clues, and even how to make and use their own spy gadgets!


Amazing Race!

March 2nd 9am-4pm $80 Ages 5-11

Mini Camp 9am-1pm $50 Ages 3-6

Join us for the ultimate challenge---The Amazing Race! During this fast paced, adventure of a day, campers will work in teams to solve the ultimate puzzle. Are you brave enough to wrestle a gator, tame a snake, or even eat a cricket? We will find out as we race around the world, taking pit stops to complete challenges and obstacles in hopes of finding clues. After the teams have visited each country, their wits will be put to the test as they combine all of their clues to solve the final puzzle, but they have to hurry because the clock is ticking to see which team finishes first! Quick, sign up now before the race is over!*note: If there are not enough participants for a mini camp group they will be with the 5-6 year olds in the full day camp

Spring Break Camps

Small turtle in human hand — Summer Camps in Millersville, MD

Galactic Voyage

Two Day Camp with Field Trip


March 29th-30th 9am-4pm OR April 3rd & 4th (Ages 5-11)

*Sign up for one day $80 or both $160

Mini Camp March 29th only 9am-1pm $45 (Ages 3-6)

3,2,1...Blast-off! Are you prepared to embark on the greatest adventure ever seen in a galaxy far, far away? Jr. Astronauts will learn all about the galaxy through all their senses using hands-on activities involving the planets, stars, and moon. Start the day by learning about what it takes to go up into orbit, from taste testing astronaut food to training in zero gravity to testing out what it is like to work in space with astronaut gloves. What about life in space? Take a look at our own animal's survival needs. What do humans need to survive? Can there be life out there? This is where Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology come in and a must in space exploration. Jr. Astronauts will design and construct their own spaceship shuttles! Then join us for a field trip to see first hand some space Grab your space suit and get ready for an adventure that really is out of this world!

Call of the Wild

March 29th OR April 3rd 9am-4pm $85 (Ages 5-11)

Wild animals, wild places, and wild times in the fun filled Eco Adventures camp! Put on your hiking shoes, and bug nets and binoculars--we are going to go on an adventure to find out where animals hide, sleep, eat, and play. Campers will have to get down and dirty to answer these questions in a nature scavenger hunt! We will explore the woods with nets to catch some critters, and search for animal tracks in the mud. Eco Explorers will get wild themselves as we answer this call of the wild!
* Field trip to: Patuxent Nature Center -Space is limited!
Small turtle in human hand — Summer Camps in Millersville, MD
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Imitation Station

April 2nd OR April 5th 9am-4pm $80 (Ages 9-15)

Attention please! We need some creative minds to problem solve for our future!!! How will we do that??? Nature may very well hold many answers and biomimicry is the key! Did you know that the beak of a kingfisher bird inspired high speed trains? Or that the squids color changing skin helped us to design futuristic camouflage? There are more effective wind tunnel models and turbines inspired by humpback whale flippers that improve the safety and performance of even airplanes. The animal world is full of crazy adaptations that people can learn from! Investigate the world of motion, machines, and technology, as we take a look at how the human world is inspired by nature to solve day-to-day problems. InvestiGATORS will meet some of our Eco Animals and watch how they move, eat, and use their adaptations to survive efficiently. Using them as live inspiration to draw up their own wild Biomimicry designs, investigators will create a model prototype of their invention! Will you create shoes that let you walk up a wall like a gecko, or a flight suit that lets you soar like an eagle? Join us and find out, as we put our imagination skills to the test!


Far Seas Adventure

April 2nd OR April 5th 9am-4pm $80 (Ages 5-9)

Are you up for the challenge of joining a pirate crew? Celebrate the pirate life by brushing up on your mariner skill and embarking on an epic adventure! Learn how to navigate a ship, perfect knot-tying, survive a deserted island shipwreck, and practice foam sword combat skills. Are you brave enough to survive a game of Pirate Fear Factor to eat a mealworm and wrestle a sea serpent or crocodile? Cast off on a pirate quest and join a crew to learn fluent pirate, solve riddles, evade traps, and race to the ultimate treasure!