"Best Summer Camps 2018" from Severna Park Voice



We have switched our registration systems which will allow us to submit all of your medical and waiver forms via online that are required to participate include: Health History Form (no Pediatrician signature required), and the Participation Waiver Form and Transportation Waiver. An additional medication form must be filled out and signed by your pediatrician for epi-pens and other meds. There is a one time $5 registration fee for the year. Please see our important camp information for camp details and before and after care.


Eco Sampler Camp

June 18th - 22nd

9am - 4pm $330/week or $80/day (Ages 5-11)

Mini Camp 9am - 1pm $195 Monday-Thursday or $50/day (Ages 3-6)

This week campers will experience a smorgasboard of fun!!! They get the chance to sample everything that Eco Adventures has to offer this summer... We’re giving away fun!!! Hard to believe, but participants in this camp will get to wear the hats of paleontologists, marine biologists, astronauts, and even global explorers as they climb Mt. Everest! Each new day we will explore a different theme where campers will experience a myriad of our best activities from across the other camps. As always, our Eco Animal Ambassadors will be there for up close and friendly hands-on activities to engage campers and get adventure kick started! All our most popular games, activities, and creative crafts will fill in the blanks!! Take a walk into nature and explore Watkins Nature Center with a birds of prey presentation, a hike, and tram ride. Hang on tight...for a fun filled first week of summer!
Monday: Expedition Everest, Tuesday: Galactic Voyage Wednesday: Marine Biology Sea Camp Thursday: Dig it Friday:
Watkins Nature Center Field Trip

Expedition Everest Training Camp

June 25th - 29th

9am - 4pm $340/week (Ages 5-11)

Mini Camp 9am - 1pm $195 Monday-Thursday (Ages 3-6)

This week campers better get out there climbing gear, as we venture up the tallest peak on the planet, Mt. Everest, for a wacky winter summer-time adventure! This week our sherpas, will outline all the skills needed to conquer the most epic alpine adventures on the planet...Expedition Everest! Campers will learn all about what kinds of gear will be needed, safety equipment, map reading, survival skills, high altitude flora and fauna, history of previous climbers, their mistakes and successes, the dangers, and essentially everything your kid will need to know about this sacred mountain? Yes, we know Everest is a long ways away, but no worries because we’re bringing the mountain indoors to ECO! Campers will put what they’ve learned to the test by navigating the Expedition Everest obstacle courses at ECO and Docksider’s Gymnastics! We are going to throw in some extreme experiments, illustrating how animals can survive extreme cold! And of course, no Everest Expedition would be complete without...that’s right...the abominable snowman or Yeti! Yikes! Is it real? How big? How ferocious? Are we in danger? Can we catch it!!? In addition to all the Yeti fun, there will be crafts such as making Nepalese sacramental flags, casting Yeti footprints, modeling clay figures, and growing humongous ice crystals. If campers survive the Yeti on their virtual ascent, we will test their skills on a field trip to an actual climbing facility -“Climb Zone” on Friday. Strap on your googles, secure your ropes, and take a deep breath, as we head up, on Expedition Everest! NOTE: We only have so many Sherpas, so space is limited on this Alpine Adventure! (Must be over 40lbs to climb)

Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip to
Climb Zone


Outdoor Field Camp & Specialty Camps

July 2nd - 6th

Monday, July 2nd 9am – 4pm (ages 5-11) $80
Campers meet and pick up at Kinder Farm Park

This camp is for the serious turtle lovers! Help naturalists find Painted turtles, Snapping turtles, Mud turtles, and maybe even Box turtles while collecting data such as tagging, weighing, and measuring animals. See the difference first hand between aquatic and terrestrial turtles. Learn about threats to all turtles including our very own Diamondback terrapins and sea turtles. Create turtle art. Then get ready, set, …Go! Who will win in a box turtle race… It’s everything you need to know…so to speak…about those critters with a shell and a beak!
Optional BBQ lunch- $5 includes hot dog, chips, watermelon, drink

Fossil Beach Adventure
Thursday, July 5th 9am – 4pm (ages 7+) $90

Get your bones a moving and prepare to go Fossil Hunting!! Join our team of fossil hunting enthusiasts as we board our ECOADVENTURE’S Snake van and head to renowned fossil hot-spot Matoaka Beach in St. Leonards. While there we will put our skills to the test (and with a little luck), dig, unearth, excavate, and uncover, shark, crocodile, whale, skate and ray fossils, from the ancient world of the Chesapeake Bay! Best part- is you get to keep what you find (unless it’s a pirates’ lost gold bar...then we get to keep it)! Participants will learn all about and participate in net seining activities where they willl get to capture and examine marine life, such as fish, eels, shrimp, and crabs, comparing it to ancient fossilized life forms!!! Fossil hunting is hard work and it is sure to build up an appetite, so we have that covered with a BBQ lunch with hot dogs, chips, and a drink, form a gazebo overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Space is limited, sign up now! Min of 6 campers required for the program to run.
Optional BBQ lunch- $5 includes hot dog, chips, watermelon, drink

Easy Rider Horse Camp
Friday, July 6th 9am - 4pm (ages 7+) $110

Giddy Up Campers… time to saddle up and hit the trails! This camp will lead you into a world of horses at the Easy Rider Ranch, in Hanover Md. Campers will participate in trail rides and pony rides (for the younger set age 6-7 yrs). When campers aren’t on the trail, they will get up close and personal with the horses. They will learn about safety around horses, how to groom them and the tools used in care and maintenance. In addition, campers will learn how to tack up with a saddle blanket, saddle pad, saddle and how to put on a bridle and bit. Learn some horse lingo and how to control a horse using the reins, leg pressure and commands. Campers will also enjoy making horse crafts and playing games on the ranch. After lunch campers will head to Patuxent Park to do some hiking and exploring. Sign up and saddle up for an amazing adventure at the Easy Rider Ranch with Eco Adventures.
*Pack a peanut free picnic lunch and plenty of water. Rain or shine. We will provide two snacks. THIS CAMP MEETS AT THE RANCH not at ECOADVENTURES.

Specialty Camp: So You Want to Be an Animal/Zoo Keeper
July 2nd or 6th, or call to schedule an appointment with our Animal Care Specialist
In depth animal husbandry Session (Ages 9+) $110
*Space is extremely limited*

Led by one of our animal keepers, this in-depth experience is for the older students who are serious about learning about animal husbandry and medical care of animals. Space is limited for this course as students will get to tour around the facility and learn specific information and needs of our animal collection. Students will get to not only encounter animals in our behind the scenes animal room, but to assist with animal care, food prep, cleaning. Students will also get to meet the animal guest expert and learn to train an animal and even make an enrichment toy for our animals. This class is perfect for aspiring “ ECO Junior Assistants”.

Art on the Wild Side Camp

July 9th - 13th

9am - 4pm $340/week (Ages 5-11)

Mini Camp 9am - 1pm $195 Monday-Thursday (Ages 3-6)

Time to let your imagination run wild this summer as you discover Art on the Wild side! Animals have long been a favorite subject in art. Just bring your creativity and Eco Adventures will provide the animals and supplies! Each day will feature a different Art project that may include mosaics, polymer clay & resin work, paper quilling & portrait painting. Eco Adventure's ambassador animals will provide all the inspiration, as well as provide hands on encounters! Throughout the week, the campers masterpieces will be on display in our very own Eco Art Show.
Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip to
Clay Bakers


Call of the Wild Camp

July 16th - 20th

9am - 4pm $330/week (Ages 5-11)

Wild animals, wild places, and wild times fill this crazy camp! Put on your hiking shoes and grab your compass--there’s an adventure to be had, as campers learn where animals hide, sleep, eat, and play. To expose these animal secrets, campers will have to get down and dirty and dive into the wilderness! Each day participants will learn different wilderness survival skills, from pitching a tent, to navigating by the stars, and being resourceful...like maybe even having to eat worms! Yuck! There is no holding back this week as our crew will explore the local woods and creeks, scan the tree line with binoculars, utilize trail cameras, and arm themselves with a can do spirit, as well as nets and traps to learn more about forest critters. Along the way campers will look for tracks discovering whose belong to whom, and they will even analyze scat! That’s right poop! What Call of the Wild Camp would be complete without a survey of poop!! Eco animals will provide hands-on encounters, and an owl pellet lab only seems natural!! Nature calls for you to go canoeing and seining on Friday’s field trip to Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center. Definitely DO NOT out this call on hold...sign up right now for CALL OF THE WILD CAMP!!
Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip to
Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center


Galactic Voyage Camp

July 23rd - 27th

9am - 4pm $330/week (Ages 5-11)

Mini Camp 9am - 1pm $195 Monday-Thursday (Ages 3-6)

This camp is out of this world, like it’s a 3...2...1...blast off good time!! Don’t even sign up for this one, unless your child is prepared to embark on a truly epic adventure in a galaxy far, far away? This week EA Astronauts will learn all about the galaxy by participating in hands on activities involving the planets, stars, and moon. What does it really take to leave our world behind and rocket into orbit?? Campers will find out through a week of dynamic hands on activities, such as taste testing astronaut food, space training at Docksiders Gymnastic’s “zero gravity” obstacle course, and experience what it’s like to work in space wearing astronaut gear. Throughout the week will explore all areas of outer space by using math, science, engineering, technology (that’s STEM to you and me), creativity, and FUN! Campers will conduct experiments, design and construct their own space shuttles, and hypothesize about life in space by thinking about what we need to survive and taking a closer look at how animals survive in harsh conditions with some hands on animal interactions! The week will be highlighted with campers building working model rockets, in which they get to put to the test on launch day! This out of this world camp is sure to go ballistic, and fill up fast. Sign up now...with a space pen!

Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip
Air and Space Museum Washington DC


"NEW" Marine Biology Sea Camp Part II

July 30th - August 3rd

August 20th - 24th

9am - 4pm $345/week (Ages 5-11)

Salt is in the air, so get ready to dive deep into the ocean for our Marine Biology Sea Camp! Be warned, you are about to enter the Splash Zone! Jr. Marine Biologists will take a bite out of fun as we learn all about sharks and other marine predators with hands on interactive labs, crafts, fun snacks, animal interactions, and more. We will explore all areas of Marine Biology, starting with the ancient sea creatures that used to swim in our oceans, marine mammals and rescue programs, coral reefs, sea creature misconceptions, and even take a look at our very own Chesapeake Bay! Sadly, the ocean is not right outside our door, but that won’t slow us down. We have our very own Splash Zone, and every Water Wednesday the campers can go crazy with our newest outdoor water feature! This year we added another Field trip to Sandy Point State Park where we will be seining, hiking through wetlands, and having fun in a beach scavenger hunt. Our most popular camp is sure to fill up fast, so get your flippers on and sign up now!

Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip to
Sandy Point State Park & Annapolis Maritime Museum


Harry Potter Camp

August 13th - 17th

9am - 4pm $360/week (Ages 5-11)

Did you not see the OWL we sent your way??? You are cordially invited to attend the Eco-Wizarding School this summer, so put on your robes and gather your wands as we explore the magical world of Harry Potter! As soon as campers arrive they will be whisked away to the castle where they can meet their classmates and try on our real sorting hat for our very own house placement ceremony. Whether they are Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Gryffindor, they will be sure to have a spellbinding time as we dive in to all things magical! Every witch or wizard will create their own wand and have the chance to explore all that this magical school has to offer, from potions class and care of magical creatures, to quidditch, herbology, and everything in between! All of our magical students will get hands on experience learning what it takes to cast the perfect spell and get plenty of magical snacks along the way, like chocolate frogs, butterbeer, bertie bots every flavor beans, and licorice wands--YUM! Of
course, we will have a special focus on magical creatures, where campers will meet real live owls, learn how to tame mythical beasts, take photos with our patronuses (is that even a word), and much more. We hope to see you on the magical express this summer! Don’t be a Snape...sign up now!

Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip to
Medieval Times


So You Want to Be an Animal Trainer? Camp

August 6th - 10th

9am - 4pm $350/week (Ages 5-11)

If you want to work with animals, you have come to the right place! This camp was specially designed for those who dream of working side by side with amazing animals. Jr. Trainers will learn all about what it takes to train and work with all sorts of interesting critters. They will get the opportunity to work closely with our own Eco-Animal Ambassadors and learn how to design and implement a training program for their test animal. They will then put their training program to the test throughout the week to see how it works out with their animal partner. Jr. Trainers will also learn what is involved in taking care of the EA animals, from preparing their food, to creating enrichment items/toys for them to play with, give medical examinations, gather growth data, and much more. All week we will bring in guests speakers from different areas of animal training, from dolphins and dogs, to birds and gators! Sign up now if you want to learn what it takes to become a top notch animal trainer!

Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip to Baltimore Zoo

*Includes own animal training notebook and training clicker


Fossil Frenzy Camp

August 27th - 31st

9am - 4pm $330/week (Ages 5-11)

Mini Camp 9am - 1pm $195 Monday-Thursday (Ages 3-6)

This camp is a Jurrasic Jamboree!!! Each amazing day of this week we will transport our Jr Paleontologists and Archaeologists back in time to experience the extraordinary things from the past! Kids will dig right in and explore all things ancient, because it’s a fossil frenzy of fun as they learn about sharks, crocs, and other toothy beasts. We will learn all about what fossils are and how they are formed during our Jurassic dig day. Yes, you heard right...actual DIG DAY!!! Campers will be in charge of a dig site where they work together to uncover secrets of the past and learn how to identify and classify the artifacts they excavate!! As if that wasn’t enough...we will also put on our archaeologist hats and learn about ancient civilizations and even explore the old west with our Gold Rush days. From digging for fossils, gems, and artifacts, to making our own fossil molds, this camp is sure to be an adventure! Old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, and a passion for digging and discovering are required!
Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip to
MD Science Center


Summer Fun Kindergarten Camp

September 4th - 7th

9am - 4pm $300/week (Ages 4-6)

School is almost upon us, so let’s have one more week of Fun in the Sun! This week will be full of fun outdoor activities, in addition to our usual animal interactions, crafts, creative snacks, and games. We will go outside for fun summer games, and even have turtle or alligator races! Bring your bathing suits for our Field Games Days where we have fun with a variety of different water games, and even explore our Eco Mining Company water feature where campers can mine for fossils and gold, and then cool off with our sluice and sprinklers while they clean their fossils and gold. Prospectors will lean all about silver and gold mining, how to prospect and pan for gold, dig for fossils, how to use the sluice, and meet many critters you might find in the wild west! Sign up now and get ready for one last week of Summer Fun in the Sun before Kindergarten begins!
*Designed for kindergarten staggered entrance days. Can sign up per day or week.

Includes: 2
Water days, NO field trip


Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

Tuesday July 3

9am - 4pm (Ages 8+) $90

Take a jaunt over the Bay Bridge to visit the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center inGrasonville. Hike the scenic trails, try your hand at catching bay critters with seining and dipnets, and experience the wonders of the wetlands on a guided kayak tour! **Students mustbring a change of clothes and shoes that can go into the water, or they will not be able toparticipate in this program.

Jumanji Camp

July 23rd - 27th

9am - 4pm $330/week (Ages 5-11)

Jumanji Camp...can you survive it?
Jumanji Camp....welcome to the Eco-Jungle!!!!

Campers will quickly find out that they don't just play in Jumanji camp...they have to survive it!!! That's right, the name of the game is survival in this all new camp at Eco Adventures. Campers will dive right into the game and quickly realize that they are faced with a series of skill testing, gut wrenching, gross out, hair raising, animal encounter, puzzle solving, physical challenges, that will only stop...if and when they can finish the GAME!! Can your camper navigate kissing a toad, tickling a tarantula, touch noses with a tortoise, eat a meal worm, or hold their breathe longer than a croc? We sure hope so, because there is no escape (except for lunch and snacks) from the game, until, and only when, campers finish it! Get your nerves up, sharpen your skills, hope for a strong stomach, and sign up now. Warning: Once signed up...there is no turning back!...that's right baby...Welcome to the Jungle!

Includes: Water Wednesday and Friday field trip Natural History Museum Washington DC