Scout Programs

We customize our scout programs to fit your merit badge requirements! Please call 410-987-1300 or email us for more information on customizable merit badge experiences and available program dates at

Creepy Crawly BUGS!

Bugs and arachnids are right up our alley! Come learn the difference between insects and arachnids while meeting our hissing roaches, millipede, tarantulas, glow in the dark scorpions and even some of our animals that eat bugs! Put your newfound knowledge to the test with a bug race game - determine if your creepy crawlies are an insect or an arachnid and place them in the right category in a race against time! AND if any scouts are feeling a little adventurous- they can try a flavored edible mealworm or cricket too!!
Animal Interactions

Boy Scout & Girl Scout 1 Hour Program

Kids Touching Crocodile — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD
Calling all troop leaders! Trek on out to Eco Adventures for your next scout meeting- or we can bring the fun to you! Scout enrichment programs include an interactive presentation with live animals and bio facts. Or, trek outdoors for a scout scavenger hunt and explore the Severn Run Wildlife Area- 1,700 acres of pristine wilderness ready to be admired and appreciated by our young conservationists.

We also offer programs at Kinder Farm Park with our turtle research project when available. Popular themes include: Jungle Safari, Bugs/Creepy Crawlies, Animal Rescue, Animal Training and Enrichment, Wildlife, Research, and Zoo Careers, Backyards in the Bay, Earth Day, Turtle-tacular!, Fossil dig, Reptiles and Amphibians, Research hands-on lab: What do gators eat in the wild?


Crocodile — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD
In-house programs at our facility are available:
Saturdays 9-10am or evenings depending on Birthday party schedule
Evenings after 6:16-7:15pm M-F
$150 flat fee for 10 scouts or less, $12 per additional scout

Outreach- At your school or place of choice
  • $175 for up to 15 scouts, additional scouts are $12
  • $220 for up to 40 scouts
  • 40+ see blue and gold rates

$50 deposit is required to reserve a program
*$20 Traveling fee to your school/location if more than 30 minutes from of our location
Sample Programs for every level!
Daisy- Conservation Connection *Earn the Use Resources Wisely Petal
Brownie– The Amazing World of Bugs! *Earn the Bugs Badge
Junior– Rumble in the Jungle *Earn the Animal Habitats Badge
Cadette– Global Explorers *Earn the Animal Helpers Badge
Senior– Animal Rescue! *Earn the Voices for Animals Badge
Animal Ambassadors– Keep Moving Forward! *Gold Award Ideas!

Animal Rescue!

This week is all about what do you do if you see an animal in distress? Learn all about why animals may need rescuing- or not! Meet and interact with some of our rescued animals and learn their amazing stories! From Wally, our gator that was released in icy waters of Chicago river to terrapin babies being stuffed into boots as part of a smuggling operation to Asia…Meet Honey our 13 foot python, a one eyed snapping turtle and more! Learn how to catch some uncooperative gators AND participate in a “Mock Rescue” of a dolphin.

Jungle Safari

Grab your binoculars and safari hat and get ready to go on a jungle safari! Discover animals, plants, and materials that come from the rainforest. Then use all your senses to experience the extraordinary! Smell the spices of the rainforest, touch snakes, roaches, tarantulas, crocs, and even a oppossum. Then learn why this habitat is one of the most important and endangered on earth! It's a jungle here at Eco Adventures , so grab a vine and swing on over to our super safari!
Call us for more information about other themes and programs. We customize to meet your needs.

Scout Rainforest Sleepover

Imagine sleeping under the majestic canopy of the rainforest and waking to the sounds of howler monkeys or tree frogs. An Eco Adventures sleepover in our simulated rainforest is an experience your troop will never forget! First comes an evening of exciting activities that include a scavenger hunt or a presentation with animal interactions, or possible flashlights or “eye shining” in the rainforest, games, wildlife craft, and, of course, popcorn and a movie! Then, sleep the night away in the safety and comfort of our indoor facility. In the morning, enjoy a continental breakfasts and then take a green screen photo with an animal as a souvenir of this unforgettable experience. Our educators can even customize activities to help meet merit badge requirements! Email for more information on customizable merit badge experiences and available sleepover dates at
$50 per scout, Leader is free, Extra chaperones are $10. Min of 12 scouts/children for it to run.
$100 deposit is required to book a sleepover
1 chaperone required for every 5 scouts


Spent the night at Eco Adventures last night on a Cub Scout sleep over working on the boys Wildlife Conservation requirements and had an awesome time!!..The boys loved it!!..We had a special treat "Dr. Brady Barr(National Geographic)", his wife, Mei Len, Anne & support staff taught the boys about natural resources, camouflage, animal tracks, endangered species, habitats and our impact on them!!..The animal interactions were amazing…hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, scorpions, chameleons, alligators, crocs and a BIG python!!..they played games, made and painted casts of fossils, claws and shark teeth, had popcorn, late night movie on the BIG screen, had breakfast together and our souvenir photos holding a snake or alligator and then sadly enough had to say goodbye…If you are looking for a cool Scout sleep over or School trip idea, call Mei Len at Eco Adventures!!.. They are an awesome establishment to work with!!..Thank you for everything!!..and see you again soon!!”
By Marc Bass Cub Scout Leader troop 209
I just wanted to let you all know that my girl scout troop had a great time on Saturday morning. Aimee was absolutely fantastic with the girls. I imagine you will be seeing lots of my scouts again for other activities that you sponsor too. Thanks again and I'll be back in another year for my younger daughters troop.”
Carrie S

Blue and Gold Banquets

Up to 150 people – $350
150-200 people – $400
Themes: Rainforest Adventure, Fear Factor, Animal Superpowers, Animal Olympics, Around the for more!