School Outreach – We Come to Your School

"Open House" for Sept 25th Teachers/Parents/Scouts 4:30-7pm
Kids Touching Crocodile — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD
Can't come to us? We come to you! These are dynamic, interactive and FUN programs that have many topics from MD State Next Gen Science Standards. Choose from various options that fit best for your school or camp. Why read about these animals in your textbook or watch a video on the smart board, when you can get them up close and personal? We bring the menagerie to YOU! We customize each program accordingly so if the option or theme is not there-feel free to call us!

Themes Include:

Fear Factor:

Don't make eye contact…
Think good thoughts…
Cross your fingers…..
Kids Touching Crocodile — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD
Please, please, please, not the spider , not the spider…WHOA!

They’re all thoughts that might run through your mind as you experience Eco Adventures Fear Factor !! In this high energy, excitement packed, hair raising, test of wills, students will compete in a series of challenges and dares to probe their fears and put their determination to the test! Hold a giant spider, make a scorpion glow, hold a snake, train a dragon, tame a gator, or eat worm… YIKES, they’re all tests that each contestant might face. Leeches, cockroaches, snakes, and eels, you never know what it’s going to be, and we’re pulling out all the stops to make sure your students find out who has what it takes to be crowned Eco Adventures Fear Factor Champ!! It’s all random, so keep your fingers crossed when you flip over a coconut and find out what challenge awaits you – it’s not for the faint of heart! You will learn so much about our animals all while have FUN!

Animal Super Powers:

You're probably familiar Superheros like Superman, Mr. Incredible, Wonder Woman, and the Incredible Hulk, that use their super powers to fight off super villains. They all have very special abilities that they use to survive, just like many animals in the wild. That's right, many animals you might be familiar with also have SUPER POWERS! Eco Adventures will be introducing children to the most amazing Super heroes in the animal Kingdom!!

Which animal has the strongest bite?…can climb walls, or virtually disapear, or even can stretch like a rubber band? Spectators beware: are you brave enough to volunteer and let a tarantula crawl up your belly, wrestle a giant snake or a gator? Get all the answers In this fascinating exploration of the super powers of some of natures' most amazing animals. Live animals will be on hand to demonstrate their super powers up close and personal.

NOTE: Super Villains unwelcome at this presentation! Capes are optional.

Rainforest Adventure (Elementary) or Jungle Safari ( good preschool option):

Grab your binoculars and safari hat and get ready to go on a jungle safari!
Learn why this habitat is one of the most important and endangered habitats on earth and how we can protect this critical resource. Students will discover animals, plants, and materials that come from the rainforest by using all their senses. Smell the spices of the rainforest, touch snakes, roaches, tarantulas, crocs, and even a opossum. Discover the cools ways that jungle animals can camouflage for survival. It's a jungle out there, so grab a vine and swing into the rainforest!
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Kids Touching Crocodile — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD
Kids Touching Crocodile — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD


Usain Bolt may be the fastest human on the planet….. but what is the fastest animal? Which insect is so strong it can pull something 1,000 times its own body weight? Which animal swimmers would leave Michael Phelps behind in a trail of bubbles?

Learn about amazing animal athletes around the world, and put some of our own animal friends to the test in our homemade tests of speed, strength, jumping distance. But, don't worry, the animals won't be the only ones running around like animals! Kids will go for the gold as they try out some fun-filled Olympic feats of their own. * Will include alligator races.


This exciting new program is tailored to the Chesapeake Bay and will introduce students to many of the living, breathing, components, of our local ecosystem, all in a hands-on fashion.

The dynamics of this amazing food-web will be explored, from crab traps, oysters, terrapins to horseshoe crabs, bull frogs, box turtles, snakes to sharks, and all things in between. Find out what's in your backyard and how you can help protect it!
Blue Crab — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD

2016-2017 School Year Prices

Option A & B are very hands-on and personal, where each child can touch if he/she desires.

Outreach Option A (Pre-schools)

School year base price: $220 two, 30 minute presentations for 20 participants per presentation

*Additional $4 per student over 20 participants (30 participants maximum per presentation).

Summer Camp pricing: base is $230, the rest is the same as above.

Outreach Option B (Elementary Schools)

School year base price: $220 1 hr presentation for up to 40 participants

*Additional $4 per student over 40 participants

Summer Camp pricing: base is $230, the rest is the same as above.

Large Group Assemblies (schools or camps)
For more information on Eco Adventures's programs go to

Option C:

$4 per student over 75+ participants per one hours presentation

Option D: For larger groups we recommend to split the group into two, age appropriate groups for 45 minutes each

$685 for two, 45 min Assembly. Up to 250 participants in each group. After 500 total participants, $3 each student.
Van — School Outreach in Millersville, MD
* Please note: not all children will get to touch all animals (on a volunteer basis). If you would like an extra interactive session 20-30 minutes more please add $75.
TRAVEL FEES: We travel for up to 1.5 hours from our facility. After 30 mins we charge $50. Over 1+ hour $75. Please know that it is a possibility if you book us during rush hour. We are not responsible for unforeseen accidents or unusual traffic. Please know that due to the law, we cannot travel across state lines with certain snakes.

School Assemblies

National Geographic herpetologist: Dr. Brady Barr School Assembly- (100+ children) There is no better way to kick off your reading program than to have National Geographic's TV personality and author come out to your school with audio video clips, and stories of his world travel adventures and real life encounters with the most dangerous beats on the planet. He also bring some of his scaly friends himself. Put some real BITE in your next reading kick off program. Please contact us for more details for National Geographic's Dr. Brady Barr to come out to your school.
$650 for a 1 hour program

$725 for 2 – 50 minute programs

After 250 students per assembly, $3 per child
Here's what Noble Foundation had to say:
“I've been coordinating an average of 4 events annually for almost 17 years and Brady is the top in terms of speaker quality. He was engaging, honest, funny and appealed to all ages.”
“The best auditorium speaker -ever”…
Assembly Themes
1. Little Kids Big Ideas
In this presentation, Dr. B pulls back the curtain on his highly successful 20 years as a scientist for National Geographic and reveals all, and it's not what you might think! It isn't always the abilities of Dr. B, world class scientists, engineers, or biologists, that make for successful research, scientific inquiry, and amazing National Geographic documentaries…but rather the ideas of ordinary kids!!! That's right,- kids!!! Kids and their unique perspective and insightful ideas have been behind some of the most successful research projects and National Geographic films….but they haven't always received due credit…until now!. Brady shares all when he recounts the numerous times children's ideas have saved his TV expeditions…and sometimes his life! Whether it's an 8 years olds idea about catching a giant snake with nothing more than a ball of string, bandaid, and a toothpick, or using a Halloween disguise to infiltrate a troop of baboons. One time, a crayon drawing helped a crocodile and a kids' Birthday present went down an aardvark burrow and literally saved Brady's life! It's all revealed in this unique presentation that celebrates the ideas of children…not Dr. B!! The kids may be little…but their ideas are “GINORMOUS”!!! (scientific inquiry, careers in science, Biology, wildlife conservation, endangered species,research, STEM, …)
2. Stupendous STEM
In this popular talk, Dr. B recounts some amazing moments interacting with many of the most dangerous animals on the planet, and how STEM (science, technology, and math) allowed him to live to tell about it!!! From using math to determine the danger zone around snakes, to engineering to design his famous crocodile disguise, to technology that allows him to literally see in the dark, or determine the size of a charging rhino, Dr. B dives head first into the word of STEM and how it is important to all of us…not just scientists trying to survive wild animal interactions. During this presentation, kids will love Dr. B's highlight clips from his popular TV series, as well as live animal examples, and hands on technology, that all make for a highly entertaining and educational presentation. As Dr. B often says, “I'm armed with the scientific method and STEM and I'm not afraid to use them!!!”. So hold on tight for a wild ride through science and technology that gets kids excited!! (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Biology, Scientific Method)
3. Dare to Compare
This is a presentation on the WILD SIDE…as kids compare their abilities to their favorite animals. Who is stronger, a student in your class or a dung beetle? Who is louder, a howler monkey or a kid? Longer tongue…kid or chameleon? Bite force you say…who has the stronger bite, a little girl or a baby crocodile?? Bullfrog or kid…who jumps farther? Dr B will provide all the answers as he uses true life adventures, epic video clips from his hit TV series, live animal ambassadors, and technology, to dive into the world of the animal kingdom! You want to get your students involved, well this is the presentation that defines hands-on, student participation, as kids compare their abilities to those of animals in a wacky array of experiments. But it is way more than just speed and strength, Dr. B will explain the how and why of each ability, giving students a unique perspective into animals and their unique lifestyles. Sign up now for the ultimate talk on the WILD SIDE!!!
(Adaptation, camouflage, Predators/Prey, food webs, conservation, Endangered Species, Science and technology, engineering, Careers in science, classification,)
4 . Gear Gadgets and Gizmos
Dr. B goes through many of the amazing gadgets that have helped him get up close and personal to some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. From Great White Sharks to monster sized crocodiles, Dr. B uses video clip examples from his TV series to bring all the action front and center for the kids. From dressing up as a crocodile, baboon, and hippo, to using remote controlled toys (that's right…Dr. B often uses toys in his scientific pursuits) nothing is too crazy for our favorite National Geographic TV celebrity. An advanced degree isn't always required to be a scientist…sometimes it just takes a few popular toys!!!
(STEM, Scientific method, Inquiry based learning, Biology, Conservation, Endangered Species, Environmental Science)
*Note: All assemblies contain different animals depending on the topic such as large snakes, gators/crocs and more.