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Kids Touching Crocodile — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD
Can't come to us? We come to you! These are dynamic, interactive and FUN programs that have many topics from MD State Next Gen Science Standards. Choose from various options that fit best for your school or camp. Why read about these animals in your textbook or watch a video on the smart board, when you can get them up close and personal? We bring the menagerie to YOU! We customize each program accordingly so if the option or theme is not there-feel free to call us!
*Eco Adventures also comes to libraries!
Option A (For aprox up to 50-60 students)

$230 School Year Base Price
Includes two - 30 minute presentations for 25 participants per presentation
$4 per additional student over 25 participants (30 participants maximum per presentation).

$240 Summer Camp Base Price (the rest is same as above)
Option B (For aprox up to 45-75 students)
(Elementary Schools)

$230 School Year Base Price
Includes 1 hour presentation for up to 45 participants
$4 per additional student over 45 participants

$240 Summer Camp Base Price (the rest is same as above)
Option C (For 75-100 students)
Assembly Style

Includes 1 hour presentation for up to 75-100 participants
$4 per student

Please note: not all children will get to touch animals (touching will be on a volunteer basis). If you would like an extra interactive 20-30 minute session, please add $75.
Option D (Over 100 + students)
Assembly Style

$685 includes two - 45 min assemblies for up to 250 participants in each group.
$3 for each additional student after 500 participants.

Please note: not all children will get to touch animals (touching will be on a volunteer basis). If you would like an extra interactive 20-30 minute session, please add $75 per session.
Option E
National Geographic's herpetologist/TV personality/book author
Dr. Brady Barr Assembly

$650 for a 1 hour program for up to 250 participants

$725 for two – 50 minute programs

$3 per additional child, after 250 participants per assembly

Program Themes Include:

Fear Factor
Don't make eye contact....think good thoughts....cross your fingers.
Please, please, please, not the spider , not the spider…WHOA!

They’re all thoughts that might run through your mind as you experience Eco Adventures Fear Factor !! In this high energy, excitement packed, hair raising, test of wills, students will compete in a series of challenges and dares to probe their fears and put their determination to the test!
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Animal Super Powers
You're probably familiar Superheros like Superman, Mr. Incredible, Wonder Woman, and the Incredible Hulk, that use their super powers to fight off super villains. They all have very special abilities that they use to survive, just like many animals in the wild. That's right, many animals you might be familiar with also have SUPER POWERS! Eco Adventures will be introducing children to the most amazing Super heroes in the animal Kingdom!!
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Rainforest Adventure or Jungle Safari
Grab your binoculars and safari hat and get ready to go on a jungle safari!
Learn why this habitat is one of the most important and endangered habitats on earth and how we can protect this critical resource. Students will discover animals, plants, and materials that come from the rainforest by using all their senses. Smell the spices of the rainforest, touch snakes, roaches, tarantulas, crocs, and even a opossum. Discover the cools ways that jungle animals can camouflage for survival. It's a jungle out there, so grab a vine and swing into the rainforest!
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CALLS OF THE WILD...sounds of nature!!!!
Do you ever close your eyes and listen… just listen to the sounds of nature? A symphony of nature goes on around us each and every day. Many of us are too distracted to hear it, but if you open your ears and concentrate, what you will hear is magical. In this exciting new program, we are bringing the sounds of nature -indoors, as Eco Adventures Animal Experts will introduce kids to the amazing world of animal sounds and adaptations.
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Hands-On Chesapeake! In-Depth Experience at Your School
This exciting new program is all about the Chesapeake Bay, and will introduce students, in a hands-on manner, to many of the living, breathing,components, of our local ecosystem. The dynamics of the Bay food-web will be explored, from crabs and crab traps, to oysters, terrapins tohorseshoe crabs, frogs, box turtles, snakes and sharks, and all things in between. Kids will find out exactly what’s in their backyard Bay, and how they can make a difference and help protect it!
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Dr. Brady Barr Assembly
National Geographic herpetologist: Dr. Brady Barr School Assembly- (100+ children) There is no better way to kick off your reading program than to have National Geographic's TV personality and author come out to your school with audio video clips, and stories of his world travel adventures and real life encounters with the most dangerous beats on the planet. He also bring some of his scaly friends himself. Put some real BITE in your next reading kick off program. Please contact us for more details for National Geographic's Dr. Brady Barr to come out to your school.
“I've been coordinating an average of 4 events annually for almost 17 years and Brady is the top in terms of speaker quality. He was engaging, honest, funny and appealed to all ages.”
-Noble Foundation
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