Parent & Me Classes


Fall Session: Wednesday & Thursday Mornings 9:30 – 10:15 Sept 6th - Oct 11th (6 wk. class)

$90 for a 6 week session, or $17 per class to drop-in

Little girl holding a lizard with her mother— Parent & Me in Millersville, MD
Parent & Me classes are for children recommended ages 3 – 5 years old and their moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, etc. This class meets for 45 minutes, once a week for 6 weeks on Wednesdays and Thursday's. Sign up online to reserve your spot.

* Must have a minimum of 5 parent and me teams for the class to run
Classes are cancelled if there is a 2 hr delay for Anne Arundel County Public Schools. In the event of a snow day or sick day, make – ups are available or may receive a pass for an Open Play. You may miss up to 1 class and receive a voucher for an Open Playtime/or Jungle Express.
Drop in class option available: $17/class – MUST GIVE 24 HOUR NOTICE
Referral Program – Sign up a new friend and get $10 off your session! In order for you to receive the $10 off, you must have attended a full 6 week session (trial class or one time classes do not count).

Themes for Fall Classes

(May Not be in this Order)

Welcome to the Wild:

In this class we will start of the program, by getting to know our Jungle and some of the critters that creep, crawl, hop, jump and slither here. We will wake up the animals (and ourselves) with our fun rainforest yoga where you’ll stretch like a jaguar, fly like a Morpho butterfly and stomp like an elephant. Then meet and greet and touch some of our ambassador animals. Afterwards everyone gets to make their very own nature journal that we will use to keep notes and pictures/drawings documenting the animals and wildlife we encounter during this awesome session. See you in the wild!

Teatime with Turtles:

Head outside for a totally turtle-tastic tea with our terrific turtles today. We are going on a picnic in the field and some of our turtle friends will be joining us. There will be tea for us and tasty tidbits for the turtles. A tisket, a tasket, a turtle in a basket; this is one picnic you will never forget!

Hide and Go Seek:

Sounds like a simple game of hide and go seek, but trust us, finding a hiding animal is not so easy! This is because many animals have to ability to CAMOFLAUGE making finding them very hard to do. But that won’t stop us. We will search high and low and see what we can find. Come join us as we play hide and go seek with the animals. READY OR NOT, HERE WE COME!

Fossil/Dino Dig:

Calling all paleontologists.. it's time to DIG deep and unearth ancient fossils! We've heard that giant dinosaurs once roamed the woods right outside Eco Adventures. There's only one way to be sure!! We'll get to the bottom of this, with a real life fossil dig. Stegasaurus, Pterydactyl, T-Rex.. OH MY…let's get dirty and give it a TRY!

Go for the Gold:

We're heading to the wild, wild West.. to strike it rich! Grab your grub and pack up the mules.. we'll be panning for gold, gems, and fossils. Get wet at the sluice. Find out what kinds of animals the miners encountered. Trade your gold for merchandise at the good ol' Eco Adventure Trading Post. It's going to be a hoot, hollerin' good time folks!
Dinosaur Fossil — Parent & Me in Millersville, MD

Cute & Cuddly:

What makes an animal cute and cuddly? Well that is all in the eyes of the beholder! In this class, we will meet some cute and cuddly animals. Whiskers and tails, spikes and scales. They are all cute and cuddly here at EcoAdventures.
Hooray for Hikes *last class will be held at KinderFarm Park/and we will picnic there:
Put on your hiking boots for this class. We're headed out on the trails. The sky is the limit. We can hike over the river and through the woods to the boggy bog where we'll look for turtles, frogs, snakes and more. We'll decorate our hiking sticks, grab some trail mix, and set off for an adventure!


Little girl with little frog— Parent & Me in Millersville, MD
Jan 2017 We attended our first class today! And the kids loved it!! There was so much for them to do. Everything kept them entertained from yoga to story time to meeting animals to crafts. The open play was awesome too! Great way to get out some energy on a chilly day in the winter. Natalie M.
2015- Hi Eco Adventures!!
I wanted to share a story and some pictures with you as testimony of what a wonderful organization you have.
My daughter Allison (she's 3 years old) has loved attending your Mommy and Me classes and Open Discovery times. She has learned so much!! One of the most important things she's learned is the idea that nature is available to be explored, that it's a wonderful thing to be curious about and to get up close and personal with it to learn more…
Since your philosophy seems to be all about encouraging children in appreciation for nature and the fascinating world it is and nurturing the idea of exploration, I thought you'd want to know your message has definitely come across loud and clear for Allison. And I also wanted to let you know I appreciate so much the wonderful things you've taught her and the fact you do care about her curiosity and teaching her what to do when she wonders about something – explore it! That sets up a lifetime love of learning!!
The idea of capturing a child's imagination with a story and then translating that wonder into appreciation for the real animal in nature and all of the wonderful things there are to learn about that animal, its habitat and the world around us is pure brilliance.
Keep up the great work!!! We can't wait to learn more!!
P.S. Allison has taught rain forest yoga to all of her stuffed animals and has yoga sessions with them routinely. Most notably, she instructs her stuffed animals to roar like a lion and wake up the rain forest as Ms. Melissa and Ms. Anne have instructed her in the Mommy and Me class. This makes me smile each time I hear a giant roar from across the house!”