Mini Camps for ages 3 - 6 Years Old

Mini Camps are for children ages 3-6 years old who are potty trained.

Summer Fun in the Sun!

Tuesday, June 13th & Wednesday, June 14th

9am – 1pm $45

Spider — Mini Camps in Millersville, MD
School is out early so this week, we have FUN in the SUN outdoor activities as well as our regular repertoire of animal interactions, crafts, creative snacks and games. Let's go outside and have gator and turtle races, or go on a hike. Bring your bathing suit as each day we will play “FIELD DAY GAMES” and be the first to try out our ECO Mining Co. Water stop feature. Campers will experience the EA Mining Co. a “Wild West Water Stop” feature just out back of the ECO Bunkhouse, where we have our sluices set up and the ore is rich (we hope…).
Prospectors will learn all about gold/silver mining, how to prospect, pan for gold and look for fossils, how to use a sluice, introduction to critters we may run into in the wild west, different ways to excavate, and even how to identify precious gems and real fossils!! At the end of their shift, the lucky miners (everyone) will get to weigh their findings at the Gold Dust Gulch Trading Post, where they can swap their nuggets for something they can actually take home!! The sluice boxes are a little leaky and the old Water Stop is unpredictable at best!

Great Camp Out!

Monday, June 19th & August 28th

9am – 1pm

Balloon slide — Mini Camps in Millersville, MD
Take a breath of fresh air and get ready for a week of good, old fashioned camp-out fun! Kids will leave civilization behind as we head out into the great outdoors to learn all about nature, joys of the outdoors, tracking animals, building shelters, navigating, safety and survival strategies, and much more. We're talking about pitching tents, reading the stars, using a compass, building shelter, survival skills, and more! Take nature hikes, look for wildlife tracks & go outside to our “Bone Yard” and excavate fossils! A fun filled week will conclude with daytime camp-out at our outdoor “Pixie Hollow” area, where young campers can practice what they have learned- Eco Adventures' style! Warning: After this camp, your kids may never sleep in their bed again!

Movie Magic

Tuesday, June 20th & August 29th

9am – 1pm

Throw out the red carpet as we discover the wonderful world of animals as portrayed in movies for children! Lion King, Moana, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled and much more. Movies are made more memorable by the animals portrayed in them. Swing into our very own Jungle Book, grab your binoculars and get ready to go on a Safari, or even all aboard our pirate ship, as we set sail to Neverland.

In this exciting camp participants will make movie themed crafts, snacks, and play Movie Magic Games. Will you kiss a frog? Leap with a lizard? Cajole a chameleon? Offer a hand to Tic Toc the hungry Croc? Meet our own Disney named animals and create an animal cartoon character of your very own. Bippity, boppity, boop on over for this one of a kind camp offering!

The Lost Temple of Treasures

Monday, July 24th – Thursday, July 27th

9am – 1pm $185

Up for a solving riddles…good at finding clues? If so, this is the camp for you! Participants will be challenged to daily quests where they will put their skills to the test. Each day will feature a themed quest such as Egyptian Mummies, Rainforest Lost Temple, Atlantis- deep sea adventure, Jurassic World, and Zoo Clues (a modern day mystery). Campers will be presented with a challenging mystery quest each day and will have to solve it finding hidden clues as they seek out treasure, gold, gems, idols, bones, mummies and missing animals.

Dust off your magnifying glasses, put your thinking caps on, and get ready to go on the ultimate quest. Will you be savvy, enough, fit enough, BRAVE enough to scale the pyramids, slog through the rainforest, dive deep into the sea with sea monsters and mermaids, tangle with a T-Rex or enter the snake pit in order to SOLVE the mystery and conquer the quest? Sign up now….and lets find out!

Itsy Bitsy Bugs

Monday, August 7th – Thursday, August 10th

9am – 1pm $185

Our little campers will focus on creepy crawlies, itsy bitsy spiders, beautiful colorful butterflies, learn about metamorphosis, glow in the dark critters, see other cool animals, fun crafts, snacks and games and more!
Spider — Mini Camps in Millersville, MD
Lady Bug — Mini Camps in Millersville, MD