In-House Field Trips at Eco Adventures

HOLD ON TIGHT…this is no ordinary field trip! At Eco Adventures you won't just get to see amazing animals, you will get to EXPERIENCE them, up close and personal in a hands-on way, and all under the safe direction of our expert instructors. Our staff is made up of biologists, environmentalists, scientists, artists, and educators, that will guide you through themed rooms consisting of a simulated 2 story rain forest, an erupting volcano, a crocodile lagoon, and a gigantic 20 foot long python exhibit.

Visitors will also be transported underwater when they experience our Underwater Discovery Room, where you'll dive into all things aquatic! As the sounds of lapping waves and rippling water visuals delight the senses, visitors will be introduced to terrapins, crabs, eels, salamanders, sharks, alligators, and many more critters that might just live under your pier! Students will definitely learn a lot here. They don't even get their feet, though maybe their hands slimed a little!
Upon request, larger groups will also get to encounter our “Wild Africa” exhibit, to learn about extreme weather and cool animal adaptations. Another favorite at Eco Adventures is the “Bone Yard” where students get down and dirty experiencing our Fossil Dig Site, where they uncover ancient shark teeth, fossils, and gems. Visitors to Eco Adventures will encounter animals and learn about topics related to grade specific curriculum and science standards.
In-House Field Trip Pricing

$230 minimum or $12 per student
Teachers are free
Chaperones welcome: $7 per chaperone (1 chaperone for every 10 kids is free)

$240 Summer Camp Base Price (the rest is same as above)

Build Your Field Trip:
Pick 2-6 rotation stations to customize your experience! Number of rotations will vary based on number of students.

Rainforest Adventure
Underwater Discovery Room:
Chesapeake Bay Habitat/Native Species
Animal Adaptations/Desert Habitats
Fossil Dig/Pan for gold at the Sleuice
Animal Training/Feeding Demonsration
Oh Deer! Food Web Game
Animal Rescue 911
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Dr. Brady Barr - Meet & Greet plus Autographs
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Sample Schedule:

10:00am - Arrival
10:00 – 10:15 am Introduction in the Rainforest
10:15 – 11:40 am 1st Rotation: Rainforest
11:40 – 11:10 am 2nd Rotation: Africa
11:10 – 11:25 am 3rd Rotation: Underwater Discovery Room
11:25 – 11:55 am Fossil Dig
12:00 – 12:30 pm Optional Lunch - picnic tables outside (inside Rainforest Room for bad weather)


“Take it from someone on the front lines, a recent visiting teacher from Annapolis Area Christian School, who proclaimed: “The best field trip ever and I have been teaching over 20 years .“ Please move forward and plan a visit on The WILD SIDE, where you can touch, see, and “Experience the Extraordinary” at Eco Adventures!”

“WOW! My son had the opportunity to come through Eco Adventures this morning with his class from Woods Memorial. I am a teacher and absolutely was impressed with the smooth way your team ran their adventure today. The presentations were easy to understand and we knew we were dealing with professionals as soon as our program began, so thank you, on this rainy, rainy day. (and I read the Baltimore Sun article from a while ago and, again, wow-80 countries-your training and hard work to bring this location to life is inspiring)”