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Eco Adventures is offering hands-on, unique, dynamic enrichment programs with a wide range of themes for homeschooling groups. We've got you covered from rain forests to bugs, nature hikes to fossil digs, and more! Jump onto the wild side at Eco Adventures! We customize to your needs. Did we mention we have a rainforest, crocodile pond, live animal interactions, and feeding demonstrations?? Each class will have class objectives, a review sheet to take home, and “homework”. At the end of the session each student will take home a certificate to show completion of the session.
Baby crocodile — Homeschool Adventures in Millersville, MD
Eco Adventures and the home school community:
"My 10 year old son and I attended the open house before the grand opening of Eco Adventures in Millersville a year ago. I knew right away that this was a place I wanted my son to attend and I knew it would be wonderful for our family and for the home school community. The staff was willing to work with me and set up a home school class and from the very first adventure we were hooked!

Each class includes hands on animal experiences and this is the only place I have ever been that always seems to say yes in some fashion to the children — Yes, you can touch this way. Yes, we can do that. Yes, we can bring an animal out to look at and learn about. The atmosphere is relaxed and the children are always engaged and excited to learn. They cover so many topics and always in a way that is fascinating. My son enjoyed the program so much that he started working towards the Junior Assistant program and just this July, after 9 months of preparing, he passed the interview and reached his goal. This will be an excellent addition to his home school transcript and we hope to have a working/school relationship with Eco Adventures for many years to come."

Session 3

Spring Session 2018 Field Trips!

April 24th "Call of the wild" $20
1-2:30pm or April 26th 11-12:30pm (ages 5-15)
Put on your hiking shoes and grab your bug nets and binoculars--we are going to go on an adventure to find out where animals hide, sleep, eat, and play. Expl will have to get down and dirty to answer these questions in a nature scavenger hunt!
* Field trip meets at: Kinder Farm Park. Make a left on Gali Sanchez Way before the gate. Meet in the first field parking lot by Concession stand.

May 15th "Endangered Species" (ages 5-15) $20
Learn about North American endangered species at Patuxent Wildlife refuge Visitor Center. Then go on a hike through the trails and explore the outdoors!*Field Trip meets at: Patuxent Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

June 5th Fossil Beach Adventure $90 9am- 4:30pm (ages 7+)

Get your bones a moving and prepare to go Fossil Hunting!! Join our team of fossil hunting enthusiasts as we board our ECO ADVENTURE’S Snake van and head to renowned fossil hot-spot Matoaka Beach in St. Leonards. While there we will put our skills to the test (and with a little luck), dig, unearth, excavate, and uncover, shark, crocodile, whale, skate and ray fossils, from the ancient world of the Chesapeake Bay! Best part- is you get to keep what you find (unless it’s a pirates’ lost gold bar...then we get to keep it)! Participants will learn all about and participate in net seining activities where they willl get to capture and examine marine life, such as fish, eels, shrimp, and crabs, comparing it to ancient fossilized life forms!!! Fossil hunting is hard work and it is sure to build up an appetite, so we have that covered with a BBQ lunch with hot dogs, chips, and a drink, form a gazebo overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Space is limited to 12 in our snake van, sign up now!
Optional BBQ lunch- $5 includes hot dog, chips, watermelon, drink

Min of 6 campers required for the program to run.

Tues snow day make -up- Thurs 4/5 11am-12:30pm
Thurs snow day- shorelines/Tidepools - May 17th 11-12:30pm

Beginning just outside our windows, across the Earth's Surface, an amazing variety of communities of living things awaits us. We will go on a journey to explore these Biomes of the world and discover the unique animals and plants that call these places their homes!

Price: $120 for 6 classes
* New referral discount $10 off

Classes dates and times:

Tuesdays, March 13th-April 10th 1-2:30pm

Thursdays, Feb 22nd, March 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th, April 5th 11am-12:30pm
*note NO March 8th due to a previously scheduled event.

Instructors: Mei Len Sanchez-Barr (marine biology), Dr. Brady Barr (2nd rainforest)
Kelsey Heyman (Desert, rainforest, Deciduous Forest)

Format: with 15 kids or more:

-Introduction to the class as a group.
-Split into two age appropriate groups: (1) Animal interactions (2) Hands-on activities such as labs/experiment/game/craft/building.

Class descriptions (not necessarily in this order):

Rainforests (2 days)

In this two part class we will examine the both the Tropical and Temperate Rainforest Biomes. Tropical Rainforests are home to half of the Earth’s plant and animal life! The living things that reside in these biomes are some of the most diverse creatures on the planet. We will talk about the amazing adaptations of both the animals and the plants, as well as take a closer look at the different layers of the Rainforests, why they are endangered and important to protect, sustainable resources we get from rainforests and cultures that may soon be lost. After discovering how special these biomes are, students will brainstorm different plans of action that we can all take to help conserve and protect the world’s most diverse habitats!


Deserts cover about one fifth of the Earth’s surface! From the hot deserts of Arizona and Australia, to the cold deserts of the Antarctic, these Biomes contain some of the most uniquely adapted plants and animals on the planet. We will take a look at the different types of deserts and exactly what it takes for living things to survive in their extreme conditions.

Deciduous Forests

If we take a look in our own backyards, many of us will see a Deciduous Forest! This biome, categorized by its leaf-shedding trees, is located all along the Eastern United States. Unlike the Desert and Rainforest Biomes, these types of forest have diverse weather conditions. With the frigid cold of winter, heat of the summer, and milder temperatures of fall and spring, living things in this biome have to be adaptable to to the ever changing seasons--just like we are! We will explore the cycles that plants and animals go through, as well as the different forest zones, and find out just how unique the animals living in our backyards are.

Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs have often been called the rainforests of the ocean because of their rich biodiversity! Unfortunately, like the rainforests, their survival is becoming more and more threatened. Most coral reefs are found in different types of tropical waters across the globe, and their are so many organisms living in them that it would be impossible to list them all on one page! Not only will we be exploring the many unique animals and plants that make up coral reefs, but we will discuss how important they are to Earth and the unfortunate threats that face them every day.


A shoreline is formed when water merges with land, and it makes the perfect habitat for a unique collection of animals and plants around the globe. There can be rough living conditions on the shores that causes these critters to have special adaptations to help them survive. From sandy shorelines and rocky shorelines with their tidal pools, to the mangroves that form on tropical shorelines, there is an abundance of interesting lifeforms that call these biomes their homes. Get ready to take a dip into each of there shoreline habitats!

Session 2

Inspiration Station

Jan. 9th - Feb. 13th, Tuesdays 1pm-2:30pm
Jan. 11th - Feb. 15th Thursdays 11am-12:30pm

$120 for 6 week course (Ages 5-12) or ages 10+ (inquire)

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Children laying with a snake— Homeschool Adventures in Millersville, MD
  • Special Needs – We welcome special needs students to learn and thrive in our hands on learning style at Eco Adventures. In order to maintain the quality of our programs and for your children's and animals' safety, we require that special needs students have adult supervision to assist. Failure to do so, may result in cancellation of registration as we are not special needs experts.
  • Pick up – Please be on time picking up your children. Subject to a late pick up fee after 5 minutes tardy.
  • Please do not bring any toys/ or use of electronics is prohibited
  • Absences: Please notify us when you child will be absent.
  • Whenever possible, students will be given different activities/challenges according to their age.
  • Vacation & Sick Policy:If applicable for week long sessions, you may make up to 1 days of missed home school class anytime during the same session. You must give advance notice to make up class & it will be dependent on availability. If that does not work out you may get one pass to a Jungle Express. No refunds or credits.
  • Snow/Inclement Weather Policy: If Anne Arundel County Schools close, Eco Adventures is closed. If AACPS let out early, you are responsible for pick up. We will try our best to reschedule for snow days, but if not possible we will give an Open Play/Jungle Express pass.
  • Discounts: Military (must show ID) OR sibling -$5 sibling discount per class
  • Must have a minimum number of 5 students to run the class.