Sandy Point State Park

Seining, wetland and beach hikes, food web games, picnic lunch, native animal interactions and more!

Kinder Farm Park

Girl with hedgehog — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD
For this Home Schooled session we listened to your suggestions, honored your requests, and came up with single day classes to meet your scheduling needs. Diversity is a good thing and that's how to best describe our lineup of offerings!! Sessions can involve plenty of hands-on activities (that's what we're all about at ECO), team work, presentations, problem solving, outdoor field research, dissections, group projects…and much much more! Classes will be team taught by the dynamic duo of EA Director Mei Len Sanchez and her world renowned scientist/TV personality husband and side kick Dr. Brady Barr. It's a winning combination not to be missed! Sign up now because space is limited. TBA Mei Len's hand-picked topics- dissection TBA.
Assist with turtle research, go on hike look for critters, animal interactions, picnic lunch…
Call to inquire.
HOLD ON TIGHT…this is no ordinary field trip! Sure you can go to the local zoo or aquarium and see some amazing animals, if you can fight through the crowds that is.
At Eco Adventures you won't just get to see amazing animals, you will get to EXPERIENCE them, up close and personal in a hands-on way, and all under the safe direction of our expert instructors. Our staff is made up of biologists, environmentalists, scientists, artists, and educators, that will guide you through themed rooms consisting of a simulated 2 story rain forest, an erupting volcano, a crocodile lagoon, and a gigantic 20 foot long python exhibit.
Visitors will also be transported underwater when they experience our Underwater Discovery Room, where you'll dive into all things aquatic, though no need to hold your breath here!! As the sounds of lapping waves and rippling water visuals delight the senses, visitors will be introduced to terrapins, crabs, eels, salamanders, sharks, alligators, and many more critters that might just live under your pier! Students will definitely learn a lot here, and they don't even get their feet, though maybe their hands slimed a little!
Upon request, larger groups will also get to encounter our “Wild Africa” exhibit, to learn about extreme weather and cool animal adaptations. Another favorite at Eco Adventures is the “Bone Yard” where students get down and dirty experiencing our Fossil Dig Site, where they uncover ancient shark teeth, fossils, and gems. Visitors to Eco Adventures will encounter animals and learn about topics related to grade specific curriculum and science standards.
Take it from someone on the front lines, a recent visiting teacher from Annapolis Area Christian School, who proclaimed: “The best field trip ever and I have been teaching over 20 years .“ Please move forward and plan a visit on The WILD SIDE, where you can touch, see, and “Experience the Extraordinary” at Eco Adventures!
More testimonials from April 2017:
WOW! My son had the opportunity to come through Eco Adventures this morning with his class from Woods Memorial. I am a teacher and absolutely was impressed with the smooth way your team ran their adventure today. The presentations were easy to understand and we knew we were dealing with professionals as soon as our program began, so thank you, on this rainy, rainy day. (and I read the Baltimore Sun article from a while ago and, again, wow-80 countries-your training and hard work to bring this location to life is inspiring)

-Shawn Elizabeth
This is our third time in a field trip and my son loves it. It is so well run and we always see and learn something different!
*Each field trip aligns with MD State Science Standards
*This program counts towards the requirements for GREEN SCHOOL CERTIFICATION.
Topics include but not limited to: STEM, food Chain, bio-diversity, Life Cycles, conservation, habitats/destruction of habitats, erosion, adaptations, animal rescue, problem solving, fossils/extinction, geology, archaeology, inheritance of traits, hibernation, extreme climates and patterns, technology/research methods, scientific method, scientific inquiry.


$230 minimum or $12 per student
*Teachers are free. Chaperones welcome: $7 per chaperone (1 chaperone for every 10 kids is free)
*Summer CAMP pricing: base price is $240, or $12 per student

Want a SPECIAL FIELD TRIP Appearance that encourages reading?

Snake Touching — Outdoor Education in Millersville, MD
SPECIAL FREE APPEARANCE BY DR. BRADY BARR: Meet owner and National Geographic's Dr. Brady Barr, world renown herpetologist as seen on his TV shows “Dr. Brady Barr Experience” and “Dangerous Encounters” and author of National Geographic chapter books “Scrapes with Snakes” and “Crocodile Encounters”. Dr. Brady's newest book just won best books of 2016 by National Teachers' Association for “After A While Crocodile”.Get a “Meet and Greet” and autograph session during lunch. Students have the option to bring money or pre-purchase one of his books. Please inquire based on Dr. Barr's schedule.
*Please note we charge for the minimum amount of children noted on the contract unless otherwise notified at least one day prior. Adjustments can be made the day of if there are a few more children or chaperones the day of. However, we need to know in advance of any changes in the count due to making changes in our staff. For that reason, there are no refunds given if there are “no show” children the day of as we have already scheduled the appropriate staff. We thank you for your understanding.

Sample Schedule

10:00 AM Arrival
10:00 – 10:15 AM Introduction in the Rainforest
10:15 – 11:40 AM 1st Rotation: Rainforest Habitat/animals
11:40 – 11:10 AM 2nd Rotation: Africa- animal adaptations/life cycles/training a lizard
11:10 – 11:25 AM 3rd Rotation: Underwater Discovery Room- Chesapeake Bay/crabs/turtles/sharks
11:25 – 11:55 AM *Fossil Dig option
12:00 – 12:30 PM Lunch in Rainforest or picnic tables outside (optional)
*Please note Field trip times depends on total amount of students