Fall Camps 2017

Creatures in Green Background — Summer Camps in Millersville, MD

Creatures of The Night

October 19th 9-4pm

$80 per day

Who’s lurking in the dark? Howling at the moon? Soaring through the night? Slithering through the garden? It’s night time in the jungle and campers will head into the dark to meet some of our nocturnal creatures up close! We will discover how pythons and owls find their prey in the darkness, how hedgehogs hunt for worms at night, how to eyeshine for alligators, and much more! If we are feeling really brave we will bring out “Fear Factor” game and meet some glowing scorpions, creeping tarantulas, and maybe try edible bugs! We will even become nocturnal creatures ourselves...playing glow in the dark games and creating cool critter crafts. The sun might be up outside, but it will be night at Eco Adventures, so bring your flashlights under our own set of starsand pj’s and we can jam in the jungle with our creatures of the night!

Mad Science

October 20th 9-4pm

$80 per day

Bring your lab coats and goggles as we embark on a wild and wacky science adventure! Campers will put their skills to the test as they conduct their own “mad science” experiments, like discovering cool chemical reactions and even make color changing slime. Then we can form some hypotheses to answer questions about our very own animals. How far can a tree frog jump? How fast can a snake slither? How hard can an alligator bite? Campers will put on their thinking caps to answer these questions and more! Get ready to discover the fun (and wacky) side of science!
Child Experimenting — Summer Camps in Millersville, MD
*Before care and After care is available 8am-5pm $8 per day for one $12 for both.
November Thanksgiving and Winter Break camps coming SOON! Please check back.
Small turtle in human hand — Summer Camps in Millersville, MD

Animal Rescue Mission!

November 22nd 9am-4pm

$85 per day (Ages 5-11)

There are people all around the world that dedicate their lives to animals in need, and today campers will get a firsthand look at rescuing and rehabilitating animals. Whether they are wild animals like dolphins or gators, or domestic ones like horses and dogs, there are all types of critters that need our help. We will learn about what it takes to rescue animals of all shapes and sizes, and even meet our own rescued animals at Eco Adventures! Then campers will hop in the snake van and head to a real animal rescue center to see them in action and meet even more amazing animals! Join us in this wild day and help us with our animal rescue mission! Field trip details TBA soon.

**To participate in Counselor in Training program for a day- Please call us. ages 11+

Animal Superpowers

Novemember 24th 9am-4pm

$80 per day (Ages 5-11)

Grab your capes and get ready to soar into Eco Adventures! Everyone has heard of Superman, Wonderwoman, and Spiderman, but in this camp we will get to create our own superhero identities. We will explore the world of animal super heros, and use them as inspiration for our own powers! From crawling up walls like a tarantula, to using heat vision like a python, the animal kingdom is full of crazy abilities. Campers will experience these super powers up close and personal as they interact with these amazing critters. Then, we will discover our own super powers and design superhero masks to wear in a green screen photo! Are you ready for a day of super-fun?! Note:super villains are unwelcome at this camp!
Superpowers — Summer Camps in Millersville, MD