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Florida Eco Adventures Trip

June 22 - 28, 2018

In this very special Eco travel experience, participants will discover the wild world of Florida ecology with experts through manatee, sea turtle, and alligator adventures!
PARENT/CHILD informational prelim meeting for those interested Feb 20th 6-7pm
Manatee — Florida EcoAdventures Trip in Millersville, MD

Swim with Manatees- Tampa/Homosassa Springs

Land in Orlando where we will start our journey at Sea World Orlando and a behind the scenes tour that includes shark and penguin interactions. Learn about marine creatures and have a little fun with coasters!!
Then we move on to the Gulf coast. Discover amazing birds/wild life while kayaking through canals and mangroves and see the clear waters of three sisters spring. Prepare yourself to venture out with the gentle giants and take a boat ride to swim with manatees. Make a one day stop at Aquatica where we will literally dive into the aquatic world before heading south to study "Gators'!

Gator's Galore!!- Lakeland/Orlando

Then head on over to south of Lake Okeechobee, Florida and wade into the world of crocodilians, literally! Under the direction of renowned experts, students will get unprecedented hands-on experience with wild American alligators in freshwater marsh habitat. Bring some old clothes because in this course you will get down and dirty with one of North Americas' largest predators!! Whether it is slogging through a sawgrass marsh, speeding along on an airboat, or muscling through the marsh on a giant swamp buggy, students will get to experience all these sensations in pursuit of our scaly quarry! Everything from capture techniques, safely subduing large animals, locating animals, setting traps, snaring, eyeshining, and it is nesting season! Students will accompany experts in a quest to remove eggs from nests to put in incubators. All aspects of gator capture, transport, and data collection, will be covered, in a safe and supervised experience, carried out by no other than National Geographic's and Eco Adventures' owner Dr. Brady Barr and Lee Lightsey owner of Outwest Farms.
Alligator — Florida EcoAdventures Trip in Millersville, MD

Sea turtles /St. Augustine

Sea Turtle — Florida EcoAdventures Trip in Millersville, MD
Head North towards Gainsville to Ichetucknee Springs State Park. Participate with collecting of fresh water turtles with Dr. Jerry Johnston, Professor of Biology at Santa Fe Community College. Tag, weigh, and measure them and release them as part of their research: www.santafeturtle.org. Then we go to the oldest city in the USA- St Augustine! The next day, visit St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park for an insider's view of the Park with a meet and greet by the Director- John Brueggen. Then hit the town… “Olde Town” that is, for a nice dinner out. Walk through the historic cobble stone streets and buildings. See the sights and shops.

Important information

We Provide:
  • STUDENT GROUPS: Supervision at all times with 2 of our expert Eco Adventure's naturalists/biologists in addition to local researchers, vets, wildlife experts/biologists, and naturalists, etc.
  • Transportation in a 12-15 passenger van, boat tours, kayaks.
  • All Lodging with all meals included except at airport- please bring extra money for snacks/drinks.
  • Parent/child meeting to discuss details prior to signing up
  • Half day training and informational session for participants that includes: Introduction to marine biology, life history of manatee sea turtles/their biology, expectations, trip information etc.
  • Unforgettable and perhaps- life changing experiences!
All Participants Must:
  • Be mature, independent individuals 13 years or older (or approved by EA).
  • Be prepared to live in close contact with others, some dorm-style, others hotel rooms.
  • Have some experience staying away from home for extended periods of time.
  • Be able to tolerate hikes, outdoor environments/weather, tolerate insects, etc.
  • Be able to adjust to a early mornings/late nights busy travel schedule and LONG day of physical activities.
  • Be able to follow directions carefully and quickly.
  • Have a passion for animals, courage to try to swim/touch/investigate animals in wild habitats.
  • Must know how to swim and be in good physical condition.
  • Must be able to hike and slog through remote areas/no bathrooms, etc.
  • Must come to the parent/child informational session and sign a participation waiver form/ have insurance/purchase additional travel insurance.
  • Must sign a participation, medical form and waiver.
Price: $1600 per person without airfare (airfare aprox $290)
*Does not include airfare to Orlando and return flight from Jacksonville.
Led by marine biologist and Eco Adventures' owner Mei Len Sanchez-Barr and Tina Hayden Programs Coordinator. Each location, we will connect with experts: Alligators: Lee & Tracey Lightsey, Sea Turtles/Gators: Jennifer Brueggen and John Brueggen (St. Augustine Alligator Farm Director) , Dr. Jerry Johnston (Professor of Biology , Santa Fe Community College). This experience is like no other. Talk about the dream team!
Lakeland: Lightsey's Private cabins
St. Augustine: Holiday Inn/Quality Inn like hotel TBA
Are you ready to experience the extraordinary?? SPACE IS LIMITED
Parent/participant Meeting Monday, January 22nd 6:30-7:00 pm at Eco Adventures
$500 deposit to hold your spot due in Feb 25th 410-987-1300 EcoadventuresMD@gmail.com


Location: Lodging Activities Meals Included
7/22 Day 1: Travel day: Arrive Orlando airport. then Homosassa Springs
Sea World Orlando Behind the scenes tour
L, D
7/23 Day 2: Homosassa Springs
Manatee Boat ride, kayaking , Three Sisters Spring
7/24 Day 3: Travel day: Sea World- Aquatica!
Lightsey's private cabins in Lakeland
Night eye shining tour
7/25 Day 4:Lightsey's Gator Facility
Airboat/slogging/workshop/swamp buggy/night egg collecting
B,L,D family style
7/26 Day 5: Travel: Gainsville area Springs Dr. Jerry Johnston Fresh water turtle collecting and research
Condo rental TBA -St. Augustine
PM: St. Augustine beach
B, L, D
7/27 Day 6: St. Augustine Alligator Farm/Zoo
beach/historical walks of old town/dinner
7/28 Day 7: Beach/shopping day
AM: beach/shopping PM: depart to MD
B, L