Award Winning Before & After School Club

**Voted 1st Place for Best Afterschool Program 2016 by Severna Park Voice!

After School 2017 – 2018 Clubs

Take a walk on the wild side with the Eco Explorers club--an adventurous alternative to the traditional afterschool program! Students will have the opportunity to interact with different animals, assist with animal care, develop their own projects, connect with nature, play games, occasionally go on field trips, and much more! Each day of after school will include homework help and snack time before students begin their afternoon activities. Every Eco Explorer will be then be assigned an animal care chore that they work on each day they are at Eco Adventures. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the perfect days for students who want to focus on animal care and husbandry, with Training Tuesdays specifically about animal training! Mondays will offer a range of activities for all students, but it is a great day for aspiring Junior Assistants and Councelors In Training, as we will spend time working on animal presentation skills and special projects. Mondays kids will pick an ongoing marketing conservation awareness project for a cause such as “Save the rainforests” to present to Assisted Living Centers and parents. Creativity is a must! Make a costume, poster, and even produce a musical instrument native demonstration. Wednesdays and Fridays are days of mixed up fun. Eco Explorers will get hands on with animals, participate in crafts or games, go on field trips, have guest speakers- such as martial arts demonstrations, or animal career guests, work on ongoing projects, and most importantly...have fun!

Session Pricing Table: April 23rd - June 15th

Day(s) Attending

If attending multiple days, add the Prices For Session to find your total.
Example: If attending Tuesdays & Thursdays with out van pick up,
Total Session Price would be $442 ($216 + $226)

Price For Session
(Rates Below Calculated using:

$27/Day 4-6pm
$37/Early Dismissal Day 2-6pm)

Price with Van Pick Up From School

(Rates Below Calculated using:
$32/Day 4-6pm
$45/Early Dismissal Day 2-6pm)

All 5 Days/Week(Van Pick Up is Included)$1073
*$195 Discount (Regularly Priced at $1268)
$27/Day 4-6pm & $37/Early Dismissal Day 2-6pm
Before Care Only 5 Days/Week$780
Before Care and After Care 5 Days/Week(Van Pick Up is Included)$1775
*$273 Discount (Regularly Priced at $2048)
$18/Day Before Care, $27/Day 4-6pm &
$37/Early Dismissal Day 2-6pm


  • Please be on time to pick up your children. Parents will be subject to a late pick up fee after 5 minutes.
  • Do not bring any toys & electronics.
  • Notify us if your child will be absent (especially if your child is scheduled for van pick up).
  • Sick Policy:You may make up to 2 days of missed class anytime during the same session. You must give advance notice to make up class & it is dependent on availability. If that does not work out you may get one pass to a Jungle Express. If there is a closing due to snow/weather you may make up the day. No refunds or credits.
  • Vacation Policy: You may make up to 2 consecutive days for miss vacation days. You must give advance notice to make up class & it is dependent on availability.
  • You may add on a day (a la carte). You must give us 2 days advance notice to do so & it is dependent on availability for that day.
  • Snow/Inclement Weather Policy: If Anne Arundel County Schools close, Eco Adventures is closed. If AACPS let out early, you are responsible for pick up. If AACPS cancels afterschool activities, Eco Adventures is still open unless we notify you otherwise.
  • Special Needs: We welcome special needs students to learn and thrive in our hands-on learning style at Eco Adventures. In order to maintain the quality of our programs and for your children's and animals' safety, we require parents notify us of special needs such as ADHD, autism, behavioral problems, physical or medical disabilities, or allergies) Failure to do so, may result in cancellation of registration without a refund if the child becomes disruptive or fails to follow program rules, safety rules, and policies. We are not special needs experts as stated in our camp policy form.
  • Payment plans must be paid in full before starting the next session.