SeeFamily Favorites Winner Badge 2015 why we were voted “Family Favorite for Camps” by Chesapeake Family Magazine, & Won “Best Camps”  by  Severna Park Voice!  Check out our new “Wild West Water Stop” outdoor exhibit coming this Spring!!

Specialty camps  (Horseback riding, Fossil Hunting, Kayaking etc) for older campers coming soon!

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Summer Fun in the Sun!

Monday, June 12th – Friday, June 16th

9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11) $300/week or $80/day

Summer Fun in the Sun Mini Camp

Tuesday, June 13th & Wednesday, June 14th

9am-1pm (Ages 3-6) $45/day

School is out early so this week, we have FUN in the SUN outdoor activities as well as our regular repertoire of animal interactions, crafts, creative snacks and games. Let’s go outside and have gator and turtle races, or go on a hike.  Bring your bathing suit as each day we will play “FIELD DAY GAMES” and be the first to try out our ECO Mining Co. Water stop feature. Campers will experience the EA Mining Co. a  “Wild West Water Stop” feature just out back of the ECO Bunkhouse, where we have our sluices set up and the ore is rich (we hope…).   Prospectors will learn all about gold/silver mining, how to prospect, pan for gold and look for fossils, how to use a sluice, introduction to critters we may run into in the wild west, different ways to excavate, and even how to identify precious gems and real fossils!!  At the end of their shift, the lucky miners (everyone) will get to weigh their findings at the Gold Dust Gulch Trading Post, where they can swap their nuggets for something they can actually take home!!

*Note no field trip for this week.  


Eco Sampler Camps

summer 2014 EA 088

Monday, June 19th – Friday, June 23rd


Monday, August 28th – Friday, September 1st

9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11)



$45/Mini Camp Day

Our AMAZING “BEST OF” themes
are a great way to try a one day camp or week long camps.

Great Camp Out!

Monday, June 19th & August 28th


9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11)

Mini Camp

$45 /day, 9am – 1pm (Ages 3 – 6)


We’re talking about pitching tents, reading the stars, using a compass, building shelter, survival skills, and more! Warning:  After this camp, your kids may never sleep in their bed again!


Take a breath of fresh air and get ready for some good, old fashioned camp-out fun! Kids will leave civilization behind as we head out into the great outdoors to learn all about nature, joys of the outdoors, tracking animals, building shelters, navigating, safety and survival strategies, and much more.


Movie Magic

Tuesday, June 20th & August 29th

$80/day, 9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11)

Mini Camp

$45/day, 9am – 1pm (Ages 3 – 6)


Throw out the red carpet as we discover the wonderful world of animals as portrayed in movies for children!  Lion King, Moana, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled and much more.  Movies are made more memorable by the animals portrayed in them.  Swing into our very own Jungle Book, grab your binoculars and get ready to go on a Safari, or even all aboard our pirate ship, as we set sail to Neverland.  In this exciting camp participants will make movie themed crafts, snacks, and play Movie Magic Games.  Will you kiss a frog?  Leap with a lizard? Cajole a chameleon?  Offer a hand to Tic Toc the hungry Croc?  Meet our own Disney named animals and create an animal cartoon character of your very own.  Bippity, boppity, boop on over for this one of a kind camp offering!


Marine Biology Sea Camp

Wednesday, June 21st & August 30th

$80/day, 9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11)


Salt is in the air this day, so get ready to dive into the deep blue sea, because it’s Marine Bio Sea Camp (one of our most popular offerings)!   Campers should be forewarned: because they are about to enter the SPLASH zone!  We will take a BITE into fun as we learn all about SHARKS and other marine predators.  Informative interactive activities will take place in our very own simulated Marine Theme Park!  In addition campers will get to enjoy turtle-tacular activities, – learn about our Chesapeake animals like terrapins, the ins and outs of marine animal rescues, sharks…the real story, sea creature misconceptions, and marine based activities and crafts  and much more!


Sadly the ocean is not right outside our back door, but that doesn’t slow us down, because we have SPLASH happy fun with Water Wednesday- where kids go crazy for our new outdoor water feature!  This one is sure to fill up fast so get your flippers on and sign up now!


Creature Careers

Thursday, June 22nd & August 31st

$80/day, 9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11)

Dr. Brady Barr

So you want to work with animals do you…well you’ve come to the right place. This camp was designed for kids that want to find out more about jobs that involve working with animals,  from veterinarians to dolphin trainers, zoo staff, park rangers, dog trainers, marine biologists to ornithologists, to herpetologists, zoologists,  and all “-ologists” in between. This camp will be accompanied by lots of hands-on animal encounters, demonstrations, games, crafts, snacks and more.  Sign up now, and ignite your passion for a career with creatures!


Sandy Point State Park Field Trip

Friday, June 23rd & September 1st

9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11)


We will head to the shores of the Chesapeake for some net seining, Beach exploring, hiking and games.  We offer a picnic lunch for $5/campers which includes hot dog, chips, soda and watermelon.

science center 2016 022
sandy point summer 2016 124

Fossil Dig Frenzy

June 26th, July 3rd, 10th, 31st, August 14th, 28th

9am-1pm (Ages 5 – 11) $50

This camp is only old and dusty by name, because we’re going going crazy on this Fossil Frenzy Blowout!! Eco Adventures will transport campers back in time to experience extraordinary things from the past. Paleontologist in training will learn all about the profession, then experience a dig site where they will have to dig, unearth, and uncover clues from the past. Real Fossils include: marine creatures, shark teeth, precious stones, and artifacts from Civilizations of the past! Then bring your findings over to the ECO- Water Stop sluice to wash and identify your findings and even trade them for goodies at the old trading post! Wait- there’s more…encounters some old west dessert animals along the way! Old clothes and a passion for digging required for this one!

Note: Must have a minimum of 5 campers for this camp to run.  This outdoor camp is on site with plenty of shade and includes one snack, and some fossils they find to take home. Indoor time includes a movie during their 30 min lunch. May get wet.


Great Camp Out

Monday, June 26th – Friday, June 30th

9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11) $325

Mini Camp

Monday, June 26th – Thursday, June 29th

9am – 1pm (Ages 3 – 6) $185

Take a breath of fresh air and get ready for a week of good, old fashioned camp-out fun! Kids will leave civilization behind as we head out into the great unknown to learn all about nature, surviving the outdoors, and tracking animals.  We’re talking pitching tents, reading the stars, using a compass, building shelter, survival skills, and more! Take nature hikes, look for wildlife tracks & go outside to our Bone Yard for fossils, on Thursday, kids will enjoy a daytime camp-out at our outside “Pixie Hollow”- EcoAdventures’ style, complete with campfire, songs, and smores (all the fun of camping-without the bugs!)  Show off your newfound skills on wildlife hike, tram ride and a picnic lunch at Patuxent Wildlife Nature Center.

Field trip: Patuxent Wildlife Nature Center: Hike the trails, ride the tram and have a picnic lunch.

Camp Out Sleepover


Saturday, July 1st – Sunday, July 2nd

Parent/Child Team $70

Extra Children $50 Each

Bring your own tents to pitch outside and set up camp for the evening.  Includes hot dogs, chips, drink &  smores,  night eye shining and nocturnal animal presentation and  movie before bedtime.  Rise and shine to morning animal yoga stretches, continental breakfast and take home a souvenir green screen photo with an animal of your choice.

Tiger cub suck milk from bottle

So You Want to Be an Animal Keeper/Zoo Keeper?


Monday, July 3rd

In-depth animal husbandry session 

9am – 4pm (Ages 9+) $90

This popular camp is led by one of our credentialed animal keepers, whose knowledge and expertise in all things wild is sure to impress the most dedicated camper.  This selection was designed as an in-depth experience for the older students who are serious about learning about careers working with animals, and exploring such topics as animal husbandry and medical care of animals.  Students will shadow our resident animal experts as they make their rounds throughout the EA facility.  Students will get to not only encounter animals in our behind the scenes animal room, but also assist with animal care, food prep, cleaning, examinations, training, enrichment, and even make their own target pole.  This class is perfect for aspiring “ ECO Junior Assistants”….

Included:  2 daily snacks, a trainer’s clicker, and t-shirt



So You Want to Be an Animal Trainer


Wednesday, July 5th – Thursday, July 6th

In-depth 2-day session 

9am – 4pm (Ages 11+) $195

Learn about what it takes to be an animal trainer. This course focuses on principles of training through positive reinforcement.  Led by our resident animal keepers and trainers, this in-depth experience is for the older students who are serious about learning about animal training. Campers will also experience unique access to our animals behind the scenes.  Participants will actually get to pick an animal to train throughout the two day session.  In addition, they will create a training plan, then implement the plan on the animal they have selected, and video tape their session.


Art on the Wild Side

Monday, July 10th – Friday, July 14th

9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11) $335

Unleash your expressive side at our Art extravaganza camp. Come color with the chameleons, paint with our pythons and craft with our crocodilians. Each day will feature a different Art project that may include polymer clay bowls, turtle box keepsake, wrapped wire trees, pointillism paintings, sock animals, and more!  Throughout the week, we will display the campers’ masterpieces in our very own EcoAdventures Art Show. Color your summer with the coolest Art camp around town!

Field trip: Clay Bakers of Annapolis -Paint your own animal figurine or mug!  Followed by a picnic lunch at Quiet Waters Park.

art camp 2016 044
art camp 2016 005
marine bio camp 2016 023
oyster program
summer 2016 001
science center 2016 022

Marine Biology Sea Camp

Monday, July 17th – Friday, July 21st


Monday, August 21st-25th

9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11) $330

Campers be forewarned: you are about to enter the SPLASH zone! That’s right it’s Marine Bio/Sea Camp week at ECO, one of our most popular offerings!  Each day will feature unique ecosystems and animals that inhabit the sea.  Campers will experience a turtle day full of flipper fun with turtle races, crafts, and many of the terrific aquatic and terrestrial animals here at EcoAdventures.  For Maryland Day, we will explore the Chesapeake with blue crabs, horseshoe crabs, and our resident terrapins.    Oyster Recovery Program will be coming out so kids can see what is like to be a waterman and “tong”  for oysters from a “ship”.  And, you can’t have a sea camp without SHARKS!  YIKES!!!  On Ocean Day campers will take a big bite of fun as they explore the fascinating world of sharks, learning all about these toothy predators, and more.  Campers even get to design and make their very own shark tooth necklace.  The week continues with Marine Animal Rescue Day, which is sure to astound as kids perform a dolphin mock rescue and relocation!  Campers will also get to meet, hear the stories and learn the history of EA’s many rescued animals.  The week concludes with campers becoming paleontologists, where they dig for real marine fossils, shark teeth, and more as go back into time millions of year ago. Learn about sarcosuchus an extinct giant crocodile the size of a school bus, that lived 112 million years ago, ancient sea turtles, marine mammals, humongous sharks,  and more!

Note: Older students will participate in some biodiversity and marine invertebrate labs.  

Field trip:  Annapolis Maritime Museum – Participate in hands-on Chesapeake Bay ecology!  Explore the ecology of the oyster reef habitat using our docks, go crabbing and investigate crab biology, dissect an oyster and examine its anatomy, try your hand at near-shore sampling using a seine net, and search for local birds and learn about their seasonal adaptations.

The Lost Temple of Treasures

Monday, July 24th – Friday, July 28th

9am – 4pm (Ages 5-11) $340

Mini Camp

Monday, July 24th – Thursday, July 27th

9am – 1pm (ages 3-6) $185

Up for a solving riddles…good at finding clues?  If so, this is the camp for you!  Participants will be challenged to daily quests where they will put their skills to the test.  Each day will feature a themed quest such as Egyptian Mummies, Rainforest Lost Temple, Atlantis- deep sea adventure, Jurassic World, and Zoo Clues (a modern day mystery).  Campers will be presented with a challenging mystery quest each day and will have to solve it finding hidden clues as they seek out treasure, gold, gems, idols, bones, mummies and missing animals.  Dust off your magnifying glasses, put your thinking caps on, and get ready to go on the ultimate quest. Will you be savvy, enough, fit enough, BRAVE enough to scale the pyramids, slog through the rainforest, dive deep into the sea with sea monsters and mermaids, tangle with a T-Rex  or enter the snake pit in order to SOLVE the mystery and conquer the quest?  Sign up now….and lets find out!

Field Trip: Maryland Science Center.  Older campers will see the IMAX movie, while younger campers visit the Kids’ Discovery Room.

08 Labná Labná Maya Ruins 20131207
marine bio camp 2016 063





Monday, July 31st – Friday, August 4th

9am – 4pm (Ages 5-11) $350

Hit the red carpet in style with all you favorite movie animals, the crocodile from Peter Pan, chameleon from Tangled, Ka from The Jungle Book, the frog from Princess and the Frog, the flying squirrel from Rocky and Bullwinkle, and many, many more.  Campers will get up close and personal with all their favorite animals of the big screen and learn the ins and outs of each and everyone.  Is how they are portrayed in the film accurate, believable, are their roles realistic, and many more questions will be investigated.  Will you kiss a frog, Train a Dragon, or catch a croc during the process?  This camp is loaded with action!  And, that’s what all participants are gearing towards….Lights, camera, and most of all ACTION, as in movie action!!  Movie makers will learn about making of movies, animation, and filming animal documentaries.  National Geographic’s TV personality and Eco Adventure’s owner – Dr. Brady Barr  will inspire them with behind the scenes stories, movie clips and more! Campers will write, direct, and star in their own mini movies….with their favorite animal of course!  They will experience what it is really like to be a director, camera person, or even the star! Campers will find out how difficult it can be working with and training animals to perform on cue, and then put them to the test!  Moms and Dads will be the final judges as they get to screen the acts in our rain forest theater, and then hand out the Oscars!!!  Will the animals or the kids win “best performance’???  Sign up now, so you don’t miss out.  (we will supply the popcorn!)

Field Trip:  On Friday, campers will go sailing aboard  “Chesapeake Pirate Adventures”.

Movie Magic  Mini Camp

Monday, July 31st – Thursday, August 3th

9am – 1pm (Ages 3-6) $185

Throw out the red carpet as we discover the wonderful world of animals as portrayed in movies!  Lion King, Moana, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, The Princess Frog, Tangled and much more.  Movies are made more memorable by the animals portrayed in them.  Swing into our very own Jungle Book.  Grab your binoculars and get ready to go on a Safari.  All aboard our pirate ship, as we set sail to Neverland.  Put on your boots and let’s muck about in the swamp.  Meet our own Disney named animals.  Campers will make movie themed crafts, snacks, and play Disney inspired games. Will you kiss a frog?  Train a Dragon? Cajole a chameleon? It’s a magical week at EcoAdventures!

science center 2016 022

Marine Biology In Depth Camp

Monday, July 31st – Thursday, August 3rd with optional field trip on August 4th

9am – 4pm (Ages 7-14)

Camp Monday – Thursday $275

Pirate Adventure Field Trip $95

For the outdoor adventurer- besides the usual animal interactions, crafts, games, labs, and snacks this in-depth camp will be taking kids to experience aquatic habitats. Campers will go to Kinder Farm Park to assist with turtle research and learn about all turtles including sea turtles, go on wetland hikes, seining and crabbing. Then join us for an unforgettable experience aboard a Pirate Adventure on Friday (optional).

Harry Potter Hogwarts Camp

Monday, August 7th – Friday, August 11th

9am – 4pm (Ages 5-11) $360

Whoa….an owl just showed up…and it dropping you an invitation to attend Eco-Hogwarts Camp this week!!  Don’t miss out on this one, so hurry and put on your robes and gather your broomsticks as we explore the magical world of Harry Potter! As soon as campers arrive they will be whisked away to the castle where they will meet their classmates and try on the sorting hat as they take part in our very own sorting ceremony!!!  Whether they are Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw, they will be sure to have a spellbinding time as we dive into all things magical! Every “witch and wizard”  will get the chance to explore all that Hogwarts has to offer, while attending classes, such as potions, herbology, care of magical creatures,  and even quiditch! All of our magical campers will get hands-on experience learning what it takes to cast the perfect spell, and you can’t do that until you have made your very own magical wand, which they will get to design!!  And, as usual at EA, there will be plenty of magical snacks along the way, like chocolate frogs, butterbeer, Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beens, and licorice wands–Yum!! In addition, there there will be a special focus on magical creatures!  Participants will get to meet real live owls, bring out our own version of “Nagini” the snake (aka Gigantor), and many other beasts!   And is if that wasn’t enough, all campers will get to learn how to tame mythical beasts, take special Green Screen photos with famous classmate Harry Potter,  and receive their very own animal patronuses, and much, much, more! Get your robes ready, as we hope to see you on the Hogwarts Express very soon!

*note:  All registered witches, wizards, and half-muggles will get a Hogwarts special invitation in the snail mail if registered by the end of July.  

Field trip:  Medieval Times of  Maryland.  Step back in time and experience spectacular horsemanship, swordplay, games of skill and an authentic jousting tournament between six brave knights.  The FEAST will include: Garlic Bread, Oven Roasted Chicken Quarter, Sweet Buttered Corn, Herb-Roasted Potato, Pastry of the Castle, soda or water.

hogwarts sign

Mini Camp: Itsy Bitsy Bugs 

Monday, August 7th – Thursday, August 10th

9am – 1pm (Ages 3 – 6) $185

Our little campers will focus on creepy crawlies, itsy bitsy spiders, beautiful colorful butterflies, learn about metamorphosis, glow in the dark critters, see other cool animals, fun crafts, snacks and games and more!

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Creature Careers

Monday, August 14th – Friday, August 18th

9am – 4pm (Ages 5 – 11) $340

So you want to work with animals do you…well you’ve come to the right place. This camp was designed for kids that want to find out more about jobs that involve working with animals. In addition to our excellent staff, we will bring in experts from lots of different fields to talk to campers about what their jobs are all about. From veterinarians to dolphin trainers, zoo staff, park rangers, dog trainers, marine biologists to ornithologists, to herpetologists and all “-ologists” in between, kids will get a personalized tour of dynamic careers with creatures!! Each profession discussed will be accompanied by lots of hands-on encounters, demonstrations, live animals, props, crafts, and more.  Sign up now, and ignite your passion for a career with creatures!

Field trip: The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore- Observe keepers, trainers, educators  (and amazing animals) in action!

*Depending on the number of campers signed up, possible extra field trip to the Millersville,  Animal Control.


For the last week before AACPS schools go back, please see Eco Sampler Description at the top of the page:

Eco Sampler Week:  

Monday, August 28th – Friday, September 1st

9am-4pm (Ages 5 – 11)



NEW: Adding week camp for incoming staggered day Kindergartners Repeating Summer Fun Camp- see description in June.

Can sign up day by day  $80  per day or $300 per week . Call to register.  410-987-1300