Field Trip Camps

Designed for the older “Eco-Explorer camper”, the summer line up is bound to give a variety of outdoor adventure options and more “in-depth” options such as: Horse Camp, Animal Trainer Camp, Fossil Hunting Camp, Wetlands Exploration, Nature journalism, Outward Bound Rope Challenge course, Fishing on the Bay, and NEW one week ECO-Travel. The one week courses are for the true and seasoned explorer that gives campers a once in a lifetime experience to Florida (to swim with the manatees, participate in gator and sea turtle research) and Outward Bound Camping and Canoe trip on Potomac River.  (Some trips may not be posted yet- check back soon or inquire by calling)

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Nature Connection

Tuesday, June 20th


(Ages 10+) $90

Join us as we learn to slow down, observe, reflect and embrace our connection with nature. Nature journaling opens a world of beauty and discovery. Participants will learn how to keep their own nature journal as we head out to Patapsco State Park for the day. Meet up at EcoAdventures, where we will hop in the snake van and hit the road! Upon arriving at the park, each camper will receive a journal of their very own.  We will learn about observation skills and journaling techniques, then hit the trails for the remainder of the day to begin our journals! This is just the beginning – join us on our other field excursions throughout the summer and keep on journaling!

Be sure to wear appropriate, comfortable footwear – closed toed shoes  required! Pack lunch, snacks and plenty of water.

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Crab Robotics

NEW DATE!   August 14th

9am – 4:30pm (Ages 11+) $90

For this unique experience we will be heading to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater. We’ll visit with some live crabs, study their anatomy and learn about how they use fluid movement (hydraulics) to move after molting, and how this relates to pneumatics (motion through compression of air). We will demonstrate using syringes of air and water.  Then the real fun begins!

You’ll be introduced to the field of biomimicry, and be challenged to engineer a blue crab arm that moves. After sketching schematics, you will then be using simple materials and syringes filled with fluid to build a hydraulic arm that can lift a light object. Afterwards we will eat lunch and explore the trails around the research center before heading back to EcoAdventures. Pack lunch, snacks and plenty of water.

Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center – Grasonville, MD

Monday, July 3rd

(Ages 8+) $90

Learning has never been so FUN!

Catch a Critter-  After a fun filled hike on the nature trail, participants will while wade right into the bay and its’ tidal pools, to put their nets to the test in search of live critters.  The myriad of organisms that they acquire will be examined and identified, and then the kids will play the role of environmental Doctor, as they assess the health of the Bay, based on the diversity of animal life that they have encountered.   

Guided Kayak Tour- Kids will get to be one with nature as the experience the wonders of the wetlands via kayak!  An experienced naturalist/kayak guide (ACA certified) will demonstrate basic kayak instruction to the campers, and then lead them on a paddle to explore the Bay and marsh shoreline. Participants will get to experience the beauty of the Bay up close and personal as they silently glide through the ecosystem.  Rest/water breaks will be plentiful as the paddlers raft up to discuss the intricacies of the Chesapeake Bay, and discuss what they are experiencing.

  • Space is extremely limited  * We must have a minimum of 7 participants but no more than 13 due to van space limitations. We provide booster seats for children under 4’9”.
  • Students must bring a change of clothes and shoes that can go into the water, or else they will not be able to participate in this program.

In the event of a small craft advisory, students will participate in ECO-STEM programs instead.

Students will get wet during the net seining program! Depending on tide, students may be walking through water typically up to their knees.

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Fossil Beach Adventure

Wednesday, July 5th

9am – 5pm (Ages 7+) $90

Get your bones a moving and prepare to go Fossil Hunting!!  Join our team of fossil hunting enthusiasts as we board our ECOADVENTURE’S Snake van and head to renowned fossil hot-spot Matoaka Beach in St. Leonards.  While there we will put our skills to the test (and with a little luck),  dig, unearth, excavate, and uncover, shark, crocodile, whale, skate and ray fossils,  from the ancient world of the Chesapeake Bay!  Best part- is you get to keep what you find (unless it’s a pirates’ lost gold bar…then we get to keep it)!  Participants will learn all about and participate in net seining activities where they will get to capture and examine marine life, such as fish, eels, shrimp, and crabs, comparing it to ancient fossilized life forms!!!  Fossil hunting is hard work and it is sure to build up an appetite, so we have that covered with a BBQ lunch with hot dogs, chips, and a drink, form a gazebo overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.  Space is limited, sign up now! Min of 6 campers required for the program to run.

Optional BBQ lunch- $5 includes hot dog, chips, watermelon, drink

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Thursday, July 6th

9:15am – 3pm (Ages 6+) $85

ROAD TRIP!!  For all Party Animals..we’re going to THE ZOO! That’s right- Spring is here and we’re taking a field trip to the Baltimore Zoo!  We will be putting our regular campers to the test to see how much they have learned about animals at EcoAdventures!  Best of all our very own animal experts will be the guides, pointing out all the sights and sounds of the Maryland Zoo.  Following our feeding frenzy( lunch),  we head back to EcoAdventures for some hands-on interactions with our very own animals, Animal Trivia Game, and Animal crackers snack. Minimum of 6 campers for the program to run.

Price Includes:  Zoo admission/Van transportation to the Zoo.


Best summer camp for kids MD

Easy Rider Horse Camp

Friday, July 7th

9am – 4pm (Ages 5-6 Pony Rides, Ages 7-16 Trail Rides) $125

Giddy Up Campers… time to saddle up and hit the trails!  This camp will lead you into a world of horses at the Easy Rider Ranch, just a short distance away in Hanover Md.   Campers will participate in trail rides and pony rides (for the younger set age 5/6yrs).  When campers aren’t on the trail, they will get up close and personal with the horses.  They will learn about safety around horses, how to groom them and the tools used in care and maintenance.  In addition, campers will learn how to tack up with a saddle blanket, saddle pad, saddle and how to put on a bridle and bit.  Learn some horse lingo and how to control a horse using the reins, leg pressure and commands. Campers will also enjoy making horse crafts and playing games on the ranch. After lunch campers will head to Patuxent Park to do some hiking and exploring.  Sign up and saddle up for an amazing adventure at the Easy Rider Ranch with EcoAdventures.

*Pack a peanut free picnic lunch.  We will provide a snack.  THIS CAMP MEETS AT THE RANCH not at ECOADVENTURES.

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Wetlands Discovery

Tuesday, July 25th

9am – 4:30pm

(Ages 9+) $90

Wetlands come in all different shapes and sizes. There may be one right in your own backyard! We will be visiting Environmental Concern in St. Michaels, MD to learn about the basics of wetlands and their vital contributions to the health of the Chesapeake Bay.  Environmental Concern offers campers fun interactions with the natural world and specializes in the wet and muddy. Campers will discover the wonders of wetlands and connect to the wild things in the waters around us.  After lunch we will head over to Tuckahoe State Park and hit the trails for a little hiking. Be sure to wear appropriate, comfortable footwear – closed toed shoes required! Pack lunch, snacks, and plenty of water.

Day on the Bay

Monday, July 31st


(Ages 10+) $110

All aboard for a day on the bay! Our morning starts with an adventure on The Sea Dragon, where we will try our hand at fishing and crabbing. Campers will learn how the right equipment, knowledge, and a little bit of luck from mother nature is used throughout every fishing & crabbing experience.  The dedicated Captain and Crew will ensure everyone on board is having a great time while teaching these valuable skills throughout the entire adventure. Afterwards we will head over to Sandy Point State Park to enjoy more of the bay from land.  We will enjoy lunch at the beach, bring out the seining and dip nets and see what we can catch and explore some of the trails before heading back to EcoAdventures at the end of the day.  Pack lunch, snacks, sunscreen, and plenty of water.



Thursday, August 3rd

9am – 1 pm (Ages 7-11) $55

Campers meet and pick up at Kinder Farm Park

This camp is for the serious turtle lovers! Help naturalists find Painted turtles,  Snapping turtles, Mud turtles, and maybe even Box turtles while collecting data such as tagging, weighing, and measuring animals.  See the difference first hand between aquatic and terrestrial turtles.  Learn about threats to all turtles including our very own Diamondback terrapins and sea turtles.  Create turtle art. Then get ready, set, …Go!  Who will win in a box turtle race…  It’s everything you need to know…so to speak…about those critters with a shell and a beak!

Optional BBQ lunch- $5 includes hot dog, chips, watermelon, drink

Note: This is an outdoor camp