Rainforest Reserve

rainforestAs many of you know, Mei Len & Brady own 150 acres of Rainforest Reserve called Nama Laká (meaning land of the Jaguars in Meso-American Indian language) in Costa Rica. They are hoping to open it up to the public soon. This past year, the Barrs built a tree house main rustic lodge for guests and a security guard house, added trails, and planted trees with more to come! They have been fighting to keep poachers out of the area as it is an on-going problem. They hired a security guard, have been meeting with officials and neighboring preserves to form an alliance, and purchased motion detection and video cameras to help prosecute trespassers. They will soon be getting electricity on their property and there are ongoing road improvements for easier eco-tourism access to this area.


leopardThe Barrs have set motion detection cameras to monitor and collect data on wildlife as well as to collect poacher photos. Some animals they have collected photos of include: the endangered tapirs, cats: jaguarundis, Margays, pumas, ocelots, Oncillas, tamandua anteaters, agoutis, coatis, Red brocket deer, peccaries, tinamous, snakes, poison dart frogs, among various others. They also have a species ID list that includes a birdwatchers paradise- Green Macaws, toucans, hummingbirds, parrots, parakeets, warblers, tanagers, you name it! The Barrs also contribute to the Crocodile Headstart Program, have done workshops for the National Science Teachers Association, and donated supplies, computers, and books to many school children who are in desperate need of educational materials.


Dr. Barr with a huge croc!In the last couple of years, Mei Len and Brady have given scholarships to biology students studying crocodiles, have funded training programs, and have trained African rangers on how to capture and relocate problem, man-eating crocodiles. They have also purchased snares and equipment to send to Africa for rangers to be able to safely relocate them. The Barrs run these programs to fulfill their passion for conservation, to inspire kids to join in the fight to help our planet, and to have a little fun doing it! Thank you for your support! Please see our Facebook page and like us to receive updates on our conservation efforts.