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Mei Len Sanchez-Barr

Executive Director

Marine Biologist

Mei Len’s varied career is a testament to her lifelong passion for the conservation of the environment and its inhabitants. Her commitment to endangered and threatened species such as the Florida manatee, sea turtles, and alligators, has earned her accolades from the mayor of Miami, Florida. She has over 20 years experience in Conservation Education at various institutions such as The National Aquarium in Baltimore, National Audubon Society, and Miami Seaquarium. As an advocate for young minority women in science, she was also featured in Baltimore Times highlighting her interesting career and achievements while celebrating women’s history month March 2002. She was also chosen to appear in the Latina Magazine June issue 2006, as the featured inspirational Hispanic woman in marine biology careers. Mei Len is currently the Aquarium and Zoo Associations (AZA) Crocodilian Advisory Group- Education Liaison and member of the Crocodilian Specialist Group. Mei Len is a graduate of the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Marine Science and had her graduate work at George Mason University in Conservation Education. She and her husband, Dr. Brady Barr, and 2 children live in Severna Park, MD.

Dr. Brady Barr
Dr. Brady Barr
Dr. Brady Barr
Dr. Brady Barr
Dr. Brady Barr

Brady Barr, Ph.D.

Public Relations & Animal Expert

Dr. Brady Barr is a reptile specialist and television personality. In over 15 years, he has traveled to more than 80 countries for National Geographic Television to host over 100 wildlife documentaries – more than anyone in National Geographic’s history. In the process, he has worked with just about every animal imaginable – from crocodiles, alligators, and snakes to bears, sharks, lions, hippos, and more. Among his many notable achievements, Brady was the first person to ever capture and study all 23 species of crocodilians in the wild. Hes driven by a desire to get to know crocodiles and other species in their natural habitat so that we might best know how to save them in the wild (about one third of all crocodilians are endangered). The author of multiple children’s books about reptiles, Brady is also the star of the educational XBOX game Dangerous Encounters, a collaboration with Microsoft. On the research front, Brady has participated in studies with leading scientists throughout the world including his ongoing research, supported by the National Geographic Society, into conservation of the American crocodile in Costa Rica, and his dietary study of alligators in the Florida Everglades.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, Brady received a Bachelor of Science in science education from Indiana University in 1987 and launched his teaching career at North Central High School in Indianapolis, teaching subjects like zoology, biology, and earth and life sciences. With a highly interactive classroom style, Brady encouraged his students to touch, see, and feel the animals firsthand. He went on to receive a Master of Science (1994) and a Ph.D. (1997) in Biology from the University of Miami.

Among his many media appearances, Brady has appeared in the FOX Network Special Super Croc and logged multiple appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Oprah,The Today Show, The View, and CNN. Hes a frequent contributor to National Geographic Kids Magazine, an ambassador for Nat Geo’s Young Explorers Program in Asia, and an Educator/leader at the National Geographic Explorers Club for Kids. His recent speaking engagements include keynote speaker at the National Science Teachers Association, Annual Convention World Congress of Zoologists, Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, and numerous schools, zoos, aquariums, & museums and fundraising events across the country.
Brady is married to Mei Len Sanchez-Barr, a marine biologist and educator who runs Eco-educational programs for kids. They have two children.

Currently a member of the Endangered Species Coalition of the Council of State Governments and the International Crocodilian Specialist Group, Brady also serves as a scientific expert for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Bachelors of Science, Indiana University in 1987
Masters of Science (1994), University of Miami
Ph.D. (1997), University of Miami


Anne Province

Programs Coordinator

Anne received her B.A. degree in Philosophy from Washington College (1989), and MEVL , Md. Teacher certification program -Md Teaching Certificate from Hoold College (1996). She also studied a year abroad at the University of Edinburgh.

Anne spent several years teaching children in Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County before sailing off to paradise (the Bahamas) with her husband. She spent 6 years living aboard a sailboat and had two children while doing so.

Being outdoors, traveling, spending time with family and all animals, hiking, sailing, reading and writing are a few of her favorite things. If you don’t see her at EcoAdventures, you may find her out on the trail (she even hiked in and out of the Grand Canyon with her husband and young children.. talk about an ADVENTURE; you can even read an article she wrote about it in Chesapeake Family Magazine

At EcoAdventures, Anne develops and coordinates programs and events including the Mommy & Me classes, Open Discovery Times, parties and field trips and is the master of scheduling all staff for our wonderful programs.


Jessica Rosnick

Animal Keeper & Trainer, Lead Instructor

Jessica received her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, and specialty in Equine Sciences from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University in 2003. At EcoAdventures, Jessica cares for and trains the animals, leads outreach programs, field trips, parties and other programs. She also is a member of the Kinder Farm Goat Squad. Jessica enjoys photography, art, horse-back riding, & backpacking.


Kelsey Heyman

Enrichement Specialist and Lead Instructor

Kelsey is a lead instructor at EcoAdventures – teaching camps, birthday parties, and other programs. She also works at the Maryland Science Center in children’s programming. Kelsey will be receiving her degree in English and Medieval History in 2016. She previously volunteered as a keeper aid working with giraffes and great apes at the Maryland zoo and at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Kelsey loves reading, writing, art, and spending time with her pet snakes, lizards and ferrets.


Lauren Kashan

Lead Instructor, Animal Keeper

Lauren received her Bachelor Of Science degree in Zoology with an emphasis on Herpetology at Towson University. There, she worked as a research tech studying the movements of Eastern Box Turtles while also providing husbandry for her herpetology lab’s reptile collection. While studying at Towson, Lauren also did several zoo keeping internships at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, working with the reptiles and amphibians in both the Rainforest and Australia exhibits. After her graduation in 2013, Lauren returned to National Aquarium to work as a herpetoculturist, while also broadening her background to include aviculture. At EcoAdventures, Lauren leads parties and other programs, and cares for the animals. She also loves Harry Potter, Sugar Free Red Bull, campaigning for social justice, and touring as the vocalist of her hardcore-punk band, Sharptooth.


Ashley Pritchard

After School Lead Instructor

Ashley received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with a specialization in Biology from McDaniel College in 2016, where she did soil research on monocrop farms and participated in forest restoration projects. Ashley now attends Goucher College where she is working towards her masters degree in Environmental Studies. At EcoAdventures, Ashley is the Lead instructor for the afterschool program as well as other programs. She loves reading, hiking, and traveling.



Tina Hayden

Lead Instructor

Tina received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Fish and Wildlife Management from American Public University. She is a member of The Wildlife Society, where she serves as the MD/DE State Chapter Secretary as well as the American Public University System (APUS) Student Chapter President. She is a certified Maryland Master Naturalist and has volunteered on projects such as brown pelican banding, bog turtle surveys and the Owl Net project as well as various outreach opportunities. Tina is also currently a wildlife rehabilitator apprentice and will be certified as a master wildlife rehabilitator by the State of Maryland upon completion of her apprenticeship. In her spare time, she is involved in dog sports with her 3 doodles and is an avid hiker. 



Agnes Hilbert

Administrative Assistant

Agnes’ full name is Agnieszka. She is fluent in Polish and has spent many summers with her family in Poland. Agnes received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Seton Hall University. Before working at EcoAdventures, she was Manager of Hospital Administration for the Pediatric Specialties Group at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. She also served as Director of the Tri-State area for Cook Inc, as a Zenith Stent Device Specialist. Agnes is mother to 3 beautiful daughters and loves to be outdoors. She enjoys fishing with her family and going to the beach.