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Our Facility
Our rainforest facility houses over 100 native and exotic animals on display and for animal interactions. Many of our animals are rescued. We proudly have USDA: Animal Welfare ACT class C:Exhibitor and DNR (Dept. of Natural resources) Endangered Species Permit, scientific collecting permits and captive reptile and amphibian permits.

Our Qualifications and Instructors
Our owners and instructors are qualified environmental educators, herpetologist, marine biologist, animal keepers/trainers, naturalists, anthropologist, veterinary science degrees, artists with many advanced degrees. The owners are members of Zoo and Aquarium Association: Crocodilian Advisory Group, and International Crocodile Specialist Group. Aside from being associated with National Geographic, Dr. Barr is currently a member of the Endangered Species Coalition of the Council of State Governments and the International Crocodilian Specialist Group, Brady also serves as a scientific expert for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Our Mission
The mission of EcoAdventures is to offer hands-on learning experiences that provide educational and enriching ecological experiences to students of all ages. The purpose of these programs is to create positive, personal experiences for participants while inspiring them to make a difference in our planet. Students will have the rare opportunity to encounter extraordinary animals, discover various native and international ecological habitats, explore our environment through various art forms, and learn about ecological, technical, and scientific research projects around the world.
It is with extreme pride that we are going into our 3rd year of our facility EcoAdventures.  Last year, we reached over 40,000 people in 2016 through our programs, appearances at festivals and special events! Our 3800 square foot facility, complete with a simulated rainforest and underwater discovery room, is conveniently located in Millersville, Maryland and lies neighboring the Severn Run Wildlife Area – 1700 acres of pristine wilderness ready to be explored by our young conservationists!
Each time you visit, you will  probably notice something new! Whether is is animals, new themed decorations, and exhibits, were getting better everyday!  This allows us to have more variety of animals and programming…always something new and different! At EcoAdventures, we are committed to providing the finest in conservation education. We offer enriching hands-on learning experiences through weekly classes, after school programs, camps, field trips, outreach programs, scouting events, special programs and more – all led by top-notch scientists & educators. On top of our educational programs, our parties and corporate events are sure to be the talk of the town.
This year, get your family ready to travel with a chance to visit our rainforest reserve in Costa Rica! We are introducing new ecotravel!  We are confident that there is nothing in this area as interactive, hands-on, and family-friendly as EcoAdventures… are you ready to Experience the Extraordinary?

See you later…alligator!
Mei Len Sanchez-Barr
Executive Director